Indoctrination While on Vacation

Send your youth to meet the Truth, the whole John Birch Truth and nothing
but the John Birch Truth.

Their View

Youth Meets Truth! summercamp classes help campers gain a deeper understanding of our unique Constitution and the liberties it secures.

  • One Nation Under God
  • Freedom and Government - The Definition of Americanism
  • Our Government I - Principles of American Federalism
  • Timeline of Early American History
  • Our Government II - The Legislative Branch
  • Our Government III - The Executive Branch
  • Economics 101
  • Our Government IV - The Judicial Branch
  • Onslaught on Education
  • Conspiracy for Global Control
  • The Moral American
  • Death by Government
  • Civilian Disarmament
  • Three American Heroes
  • Saviors of the Earth? — The Real Agenda of the Eco-Lobby
  • The United Nations Exposed
  • Current Events: A Perspective on the News
  • Influencing our Leaders
  • The Robert Welch Heritage
  • Changing the World You Live In

Advanced Class List: Taught and available to qualified advanced students only.

  • Washington’s Farewell Address
  • The Communist Manifesto
  • From Communism to Fascism
  • The Historical Roots of American Liberty
  • The Philosophical Roots of American Liberty
  • Two Revolutions


  • The United Nations as an embryonic world government.
  • The Insiders control major media outlets and use of them to spread half truths and globalist propaganda.
  • The Insiders control over our educational institutions and conditioning of a new generation of Americans to surrender more of our sovereignty.
  • The current movement to disarm civilians as part of the Insiders' plot to enslave people under oppressive, socialistic government.
- The Federalist Papers are frequently referenced to reveal the careful deliberation exercised in drafting the Constitution.

- Morality and self-control are essential to our form of government. As John Adams so eloquently put it, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” We practice this in all aspects of the camp experience.

- Our Constitution establishes a Republic (the rule of law) and not a Democracy (the rule of the majority).

With 10 min interludes for hiking fishing and canoeing.
Sounds like a barrel of fun!


Hello Mudda- Hello Fadda Here I Am at.... said...

This should be required for graduation from Hudson High. We need more Americanists in business and industry to grease the skids of commerse.
Just like Chevron bribing Saddam when
Condolessa Rice was on the board of directors through the "Food for Oil" program.

Ms. Money Manners said...

Now you have to remember that "bribing" is a part of doing business in many Middle East and some European countries. What's not acceptable in the US might be common practice elsewhere.

Hello Mudda- Hello Fadda- Here I am at..... said...

Ms. Manners,

You're right! But I forgot to mention the kickbacks at Chevron. How coincidental that Bush, Cheney, and now Rice have such close ties to the
oil industry and are such vehement proponents of the Iraq war. But it's only a coincidence. These fine
people wouldn't let their oil industry affiliations influence their policy decisions, would they?

We really should start adapting practices like bribery here at home in the interest of business. Oh,Wait!
there are people already doing that..
They're called lobbyists.