No Rest For The Wicked!!!

Liberal Bloggers Rip Into Falwell After Death

"The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son," a prominent left-wing blogger opined on her website at the news of the death Tuesday of the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

"Guess god [sic] liked the ACLU better after all," wrote Amanda Marcotte on her blog Pandagon.com, in reference to the American Civil Liberties Union, a target of controversial comments Falwell made after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Marcotte has a history of provocative anti-Christian writing that resulted in her leaving the presidential campaign of Democrat John Edwards earlier this year. But while some pundits on the left voiced qualified condolences over the death of Falwell, sentiments similar to Marcotte's echoed across the liberal blogosphere Tuesday and Wednesday.

The activist left-wing site IndyMedia carried the headline "Hallelujah! Theocratic Huckster Jerry Falwell Dead At 73."

For more wing-nut whine and cheese, check out the rest of Fred Lucas's anti-secular humanist propaganda at CNSNews.com.

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