Six Hundred - Ninety Five Reasons

The borderliners ask:
"__________ obtained her BA in philosophy from the University of Texas (Austin) in 1995. While pursuing graduate studies in education at Pennsylvania State University, she was invited to California to develop a curriculum for a gifted child who was not being challenged in traditional schools.

Why can't we adopt that curriculum here? "
Here are 695 Reasons.............



A Peanut For Your Thoughts said...

Is OTBL suggesting that the public schools replace teachers with DVDs? Wouldn't there have to be someone in the room to monitor the DVD to make sure it is running correctly? Of course, that could be a minimum wage job without the theft of helath benefits or pentions.

Maybe the schools could just link up to the OTBL blog and run it in schools. They seem to have all the answers and, since standardized testing is a big part of Bush's No McChild Left McBehind program, they would be idealist answer to any and all public education problems.

I shoulda started my own academy said...

Let's see if Van Scam could sell just 100 of those DVD's, they'd be done working for the year.