Mothers Day 2007: Who is a mother?

Who is a mother?

Who is a mother?
a mother is a woman,
a wife, a child-bearer
and a home maker..

Who is a mother?
A mother is a great teacher,
a knowledge passer, a great mentor
and a hope planter.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a foreseer
a future builder, a great thinker
and a role-model.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a motivator,
a creative person, a talent flourisher
and a potential unlocker.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a problem solver,
a peace maker, a sensitive person
and a risk taker.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a compassionate person,
a shoulder to lean on, and the
first person to talk to, in times of crises.

helen araromi

helen araromi is a writer of poetry and short stories. she is a prospective creative writer who values poems that castigates the inequality and corruption that innundates her beloved country and the unjust treatments of women and children in Africa. helen is a magical realist poet, she enjoys weaving fantasy and reality together, which serves it purpose well by sweeping underneath the carpet the grimness of life in her society, but still acknowledging the fact that she lives in a real world. humour, war, peace, children's rhymes, and faith are some of her most recuuring themes. she is a human right activist, a philsopher and most importantly an evangelist. She aspires to become an international personality and an emissary to her beloved country in the near future. ..

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