Republicans Seek Deceased Candidate To Revitalize Party.

When you ask a conservative where they want to lead the country, the inevitable answer is

Dissatified with all of the eleven of the official Republican candidates;
Senator Sam Brownback
John Cox
Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia
Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City
Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas
Representative Duncan Hunter
Senator John McCain

Representative Ron Paul, M.D.
Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts
Representative Tom Tancredo
then last and certainly least
Tommy Thompson, former Governor of Wisconsin
(and let's not forget about "Undecided" currently polling in 5th place among the eleven Republican candidates) the GOP is asking the great candidates from the past to come forward to re-energize the saggin ratings of the Republican Party.

The GOP's nostalgia for "The good ol' days" has lead conservatives to consider the following

I Still Like Ike Eisenhower

Barry "Let's Nuke 'em" Goldwater

Do it one more time Harold Stassen

Herbert Hoover "What this country needs is another good depression"

and who could overlook the possibility of the "Great Communicator" taking one more shot
at the winning the Oval Office?


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