Only 222 Days Till Christmas!

"My boss doesn't pay any tax or social security. I work at least 56 hours a week, Monday to Saturday. Sometimes I go 66 hours a week. I make $207 a week. If there is a lot more I have to work on Sundays. I never get vacation. I never even get a whole weekend off. Sometimes I have to work on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The conditions are very bad. My factory is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. My boss is screaming to me all the time. He is always very angry. I can't ask him any questions because I'm afraid he's going to hit me. All the time he hits me working, like that (she gestures hitting her head with her fist). The factory is very dirty. When I am working I'm afraid because there is big rats and mice crawl on my feet."

USA Sweatshop Worker

"At the Doall Factory making Liz Claiborne jackets and skirts (also Leslie Fay, Chaus, Ann Taylor) 85-92 hour work weeks 60-cent-an-hour wages (51% of poverty) Tested and fired if pregnant Two permitted bathroom visits per 13+hour day. No sick days, even for a mother whose young child is ill. 84ý paid for $194 jacket; .004% of sales price! Fired for raising a grievance; all union talk forbidden. 18 workers fired for protesting work on a national holiday."

El Salvador Sweatshop Worker

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