Corporate America Is Out to Get Your Kids

CBS -- a big business - report attacks businesses, doesn't give them a chance to respond

It was almost like CBS’s version of “To Catch A Predator.” “Evening News” anchor Katie Couric warned: “They’re after your children and your grandchildren.”

By “they,” she meant nasty old corporations “spending nearly $17 billion a year trying to sell their products to our kids.” Couric’s one-sided May 14 piece blamed the “far-reaching tentacles” of business for all sorts of life’s ills from obesity to young people having sex. The makers of “Shrek” were even criticized for working with the government to help curb childhood obesity.

No business was even given a chance at rebuttal.

But business critics certainly had their chance. Couric relied on four voices to flesh out the nearly five-minute story – all critical of business. She told viewers that children are targets. “They have money to spend and corporate America is out to get them.”

Read more of this whine and cheese party at Business & Media Institute: an propaganda group trying to put lipstick on another greedy corporate pig story.

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