Al Gore Smeared -- What Are The Facts?

Old news over at ontheborderline.nut. Must be a slow day in wing nut ville. Have you noticed that they don't mention the war in Iraq over there or President Bush. It used to be those were topics near and dear to their tiny, cold hearts. Now it's like those things never existed. While we waste billions of taxpayer dollars in a growing failure in Iraqi they squawk about a couple of dimes lost in a school district pop machine and a day of golfing that happened a couple years ago. Maybe they -- the one or two wing nuts (emphasis on "nuts) left over there should rename their blog "Yawn Of The Living Dead."

Read the memo below. Click it to enlarge it.

For more proof on the dead of the ontheborderline.net blog, see the chart below showing the participation level since the New Richmond school referendum.

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