Ron Paul In GOP Debate 2

Congressman Ron Paul at the GOP Presidential Debate

Ron Paul Attacked by Sean Hannity After 2nd GOP Debate
(Is Paul to far to the right or left for Hannity?)


cato said...

Ron Paul has my vote.

666 said...

Actually, he got my vote in 1988. That was about the time I quit renewing my subscription to Reason.

It's interesting to see Hannity selecting the facts he wants to debate concerning Iraq.

I'm sure that the media powers that be will do what they can to ignore the Texan the GOP wishes would go away.

He's got the Lou Dobbs immigration platform and he's stuck to his vote on the Iraqi war. Gee, the Republicans must be getting nervous seeing a real conservation in the race. When is Pat Buchanan going to throw in his hair peice?

cato said...

Oh and by the way, Sean Hannity is perhaps the most unintelligent, most uneducated commentator on all of television.

Hannity got his job basically by complaining a lot on a radio station and calling in and then they said, "Hey, why don't you get a job here!?!" and next thing you know, he's out there killing more and more American's brain cells with moronic comments. He has no idea what he is talking about. He FEELS what he thinks is right. It's a gut feeling. He has no idea why he feels that way. He just follows Bush and sniffs his ass the whole damn day like the pathetic dog he is.

Katie Couric got her job because CBS hadn't hired enough mentally retarded people and she knows VAGUELY what she is talking about at least. Hannity... I'm surprised he passed the 8th grade.

One Nut Cracking said...

Hannity is a junkyard dog for the White House. He eats whatever they feed him and barks whenever they tell him. He just doesn't know hwy.

Ocassionally, I've caught his radio show and on Friday's he has his token liberal on to speak for the cause and debate him. Usually the liberal is a mid-20s girl who usually ends upstammering to Hannity' bullying.

He's probably got a rug right under Cheney's desk and Tony Snow refuses to tell Shaun what "is" is.

He is deinately the pipeline to Bush's core supports...many of whom are honroed to have made 'er through 8th grade. "If it was gooder nuff for daddy, it's gooder nuff for me."

cato said...

Speaking of top notch reporting:

"Minorities constitute a majority in four states: Hawaii (75 percent), New Mexico (57 percent), California (57 percent) and Texas (52 percent)."

It's statements like this that drive me nuts. SAM ROBERTS of the NYTimes thinks that "minorities" mean "not white people" not "a demographic of X who are in the minority".

andy rand said...

Cato said:

"Oh and by the way, Sean Hannity is perhaps the most unintelligent, most uneducated commentator on all of television. "

Wow! Something I can agree with Cato on. Amazing.

andy rand said...

More agreement:

When a "minority" group has a larger demographic than all other groups they are not minorities.
They need a new moniker.