New Drug Plagues Area

Authorities Crack Down on OTBL labs.

Just when you thought it was safer with the arrest and prosecution
of meth makers in St. Croix Co. here comes another dangerous drug to
contend with, OTBL.
Police and State Crime officials claim that OTBL labs originated in
Hudson,WI but have spread throughout Western Wisconsin, to places like Osceola,
Somerset, River Falls and New Richmond. Reports from New Richmond disturbingly describe a small group of addicts using the power of the drug to extort information and disseminating it on the OTBL crime network's communications system. The drug OTBL can be identified by what agents say is an "otherworldly green glow" yet others claim it's the color of money. Still others say, "If you've been to Roswell, you'll recognize it immediately".
Parents are warned to talk to the kids about the dangers of OTBL since OTBL users and dealers have often been seen at local area schools. Should you encounter a suspected OTBL user you are advised to hightail it out of there, PRONTO, as they are know to be advocates of concealed weapons and may be armed and dangerous.


Shocking Blue said...

Just when I thought it was starting to get safe enough to take my toaster in the shower, this heads its ugly rear.

Glowing Green said...

The purveyors of OTBL will tell you
that you can toast in the shower without harm while you're on OTBL.
If you start believing this, it's time for an intervention.

fires of hell red said...

How dare you call us? We're addicted! We're the victims here!

The decay of this county and the cochroach-like socialists who live here have driven us to our form of morphine.

Just let us be.

fired of hell red said...

'call us out'

damn drugs, they make me shake too

12 Step Help said...

I just heard there is a new self-help group for the OTBL'ers, because they can't stop themselves from blogging incessently.

It's called:

On and On and On Anon

Hazelton Grad said...

12 Step Help:

I'm sure your intentions are well meaning but OTBL is such a devastating drug it requires a 24 step program.

A Hitchcock said...

Being that the private one-eyes at OTBL are on their mysterious Colombo kick, I suggest they need a 39-Step program.

Josh said...

39 steps?

hmm. careful. They might start claiming their education system didn't teach them to count that high.

Brunswick said...

Before you know it the program steps will equal the average OTBL bowling score.

Gutter Balls said...

I heard one of them rolled a 666 series they other day.

OTBL Dealer said...

I heard one of them rolled a dozen OTBL joints.

Anonymous said...

HA...HAA....HAAAA.... I just can't get over these novice OTBL'ers. They have beeeeen nuaghty, naughty, naughty. Now they thought they were soooo smart, and there they go again sticking their literary foooooot in their mouth; or should I say their head where the sun doesn't shine??? To find a report of an accident for the Hudson Police Department, I would think that the accident would need to have occurred in Hudson. I'm only a tax paying citizen, but the last I knew, Trout Brook Road was in Hudson Township.
Now Towncrier, at least if you're going to cry, try to be in the same time zone..... and try, try, try pleeeeeeease I say, try to get the names and facts right. But then perhaps you've been taken again by those internet forensic experts again. CATO warned you about them and you wouldn't listen, shame, shame, shame.

Dept. of Educational Titles said...

Our View "journalist":
Learn some respect.
It's Dr.Chuckie “The Clown” Sambs Phd.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm. Let me get this straight. The OTBLers are crying about someone who rolled a vehicle and didn't get a ticket for anything?? Where is the outrage!! reminds me of a rolled suburban back in 2002 driven by a child of a Mr. Shaw. A ticket was issued and Mr. Shaw was none to happy. So unhappy in fact that he whined to the county and wanted an apology and the ticket dropped. He claimed that the officer did not give him the respect that he deserved. He tried to bluff an officer and then when pressed on his intentions he backed off claiming he didn't want the ticket dropped. He claimed he just wanted the language changed. Seems like he always wants an apology from anyone who crosses his path. Accountability is a two way street.
Oh, by the way, this is all public record. Not slander, just fact.
Does this sound like a pattern??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember that incident.
Shaw claimed that the sheriff had arranged his office furniture in a way that was intended to intimidate the public. This comming from a guy that has a history of pushing his camcorder in everybodies face at public meetings! No inteded intimidation there.
What a joke!

Miss Demeanor said...

I believe this is what you are referring to. I comes from this link to the St. Croix County records:


Marion Shaw came before the committee with a complaint. Don Jordan, County Board Supervisor was in attendance as his representative. On January 12, 2004 Shaw’s daughter rolled the Shaw’s suburban. The deputy on the scene was much less than cordial according to Shaw. Shaw brought his complaint to Chief Deputy Volkert and indicated he was very cooperative with the matter. Shaw claims there were misstatements made on the scene and accident report. When Shaw visited with the Sheriff on the matter he felt he did not have a good repoir. Shaw would like to get the investigation corrected and have the opportunity to rebut the case.

Ron Volkert’s statement: Shaw made the comment that the “Higher Up’s” treated him with less respect than the deputy on the scene.

Sheriff’s Statement: It is possible that the deputy may not have been as sensitive as he could have been, but he did everything that he was supposed to do on the scene and followed all procedure.

Mr. Shaw had complained about the way the Sheriff’s seating arrangements were set up in his office, implying that it was set up to intimidate the public. When he took office in 1999 that is the way the office was arranged, and he has never changed it. His personal feeling is that Mr. Shaw was upset that the daughter got a ticket.

The Sheriff informs the deputies that he expects authority and respect of the public on the job. The Sheriff made it clear that the report will not be changed. Something can be added or clarified but the original report cannot be changed.

Mr. Shaw’s rebuttal: Could he submit some documentation to the committee? Shaw believes the whole report is flawed and believes misstatements and lies are in the report. He is requesting the Sheriff Department look back into this matter and correct it.

Jordan said he is concerned about the process that was gone through to arrive at the report. Volkert will provide the committee with a copy of the file in question if they wish.

The Sheriff has discussed with all the deputies how he expects them to treat the public.

Each member of the committee made a comment concerning the matter. Consensus is to read the statement submitted. The minutes from this meeting will be put in the Shaw file.

Shaw stated again that he does not want a change to the file. A comment would be fine. He is asking for this to be readdressed. He would be glad to work with Chief Deputy Volkert on this.

Jordan thanked the committee for their time and effort.

Committee asked the Sheriff to review Mr. Shaw’s highlighted concerns and they be added to the file. A letter should be sent from the Sheriff and signed by Speer as a follow up to Shaw’s highlighted concerns.
Does anybody recall this being published in the HSO?

Mike Hammered said...

To the best of my knowledge, it did not get a write up. I searched the archives and did not come up with anything. I could not even find out if it made the police blotter, but maybe it would not have if it was a county report.
Bottom line is that according to the OTBLer's this issue deserved to be reported if you follow their thinking. Looks like Doug Stolberg showed Shaw some mercy.

Anonymous said...

It seems that some of Marion's skeketons are showing, what more could there be??? Some times, when the non perfect, who perceive themselves to be more than they are, get back what they throw. The moral of the story is not to throw stones when you live in a glass house.