Question: What's The 35th Fastest Growing County In The USA?

St. Croix County, Wis., was ranked 35th among the 100 fastest-growing U.S. counties, according to a U.S. Census report released Monday. The ranking was based on the percentage change in housing units from April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005. Housing units in St. Croix County, the only east metro county in the top 100, increased 28 percent during that period for a total of 31,140 in 2005.

Sorry OTBL Luke, your answer of the Willie threat letter was not even close.


Anonymous said...

That group of clowns are a joke. My guess is that the threat letter originated from one of them. Why would they keep on rehashing OLD .... OLD .... OLD ... news? Not one of them is a victim, however I'm incline to consider those jokers victimizers. Whether it is sexism, racisim, classicism, elitism ...... all apply to their bushwah rhetoric.

CANRAC said...

Things they refuse to understand about the Willi threat letter.

1) Nobody really cares, most don't remember

2) The Wisconsin State Crimelab did probably shelve this, why?? In the big picture its not even near priority for them, this is a minor league crime. They have better things to do, they are busy solving real crimes which involve real people.

3) Who in their right mind will beleive a opinion which was promised, but never came, from some so-called "forensics expert witnesses". Expert witnesses are often prostitutes, maybe thats how the OTBL group found them. And to claim accurate handwriting and even DNA samples were obtained??? Who would pay for that?? These guys don't work for free.

My biggest dilemna is which event in Luke's past has affected his mind the most. Was it the problems he had in school and thus hates teachers?? Was it the trouble with the police, thus he hates police?? Is Luke pissed because long ago he could have had a government job, but took one in private industry back then because the pay and benefits were better? Were the best years of Luke's life the third grade?

When will Luke realize nobody laughs at Carnac anymore, few if any reply?

Anonymous said...

Luke??? Luke hates even Luke.

Spanky said...

If I join the "Firends of Luke Club" do I get a "Secret Decoder Ring". I sure hope so, then maybe I could help Columbo find out who wrote that letter.

Luke said...

If you qualify, you will get the ring. However, you will have to wear it on your thumb.

Spanky said...

Does that mean you'll be my firend?

What is a firend anyway?
The hot end of a cigarette?