Quote of the Day

"Whether or not corporations are evading taxes does not really matter. In the end individuals still pay the taxes one way or another. Corporations are not going to cut into their profit to pay for taxes. They just raise the price of whatever they are peddling." -Cato

Cato is right to an extent. American Taxpayers do end up paying for it. But the problem is EVERY taxpayer pays more, and more taxes have to be paid than the corporations would have paid anyway.

For context, See the discussion here


Anonymous said...

Is the a reasonable limit to how much profit a corporation can make?
Is it 10 percent, 50 percent, 100 percent?

Cato said...

If a corporation discovered the cure for cancer they should be able to make a million dollars off each pill (or whatever) that cured cancer. Or they should be able to make 1 dollar. Whatever they want. They made it, and no one can take that away.

As for Josh's comments here -- why do we pay net more in taxes if individuals rather than corporations pay taxes?

Josh said...

Cato I responded to your tax point in that post.

As far as the cure for cancer mention - I find that view incredibly sad. If you yourself had cancer and could not in any way afford the cure pill you would disagree with that statement.

The belief that we have ZERO responsibility for the well-being of eachother isincredibly flawed.