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After seeing the events of the last few months unfold, whether through heated Board meetings, the newspapers, and even blog sites, I am forced to ask what is next for the "City Beautiful"? Where do we go from here? Who do we go to for answers? What are OUR goals as a School District? All of these questions are the buzz around town from Farm and Home down to County Market. The best question I have heard today is: "What can be done to restore the pride of a wounded community?"

Many people feel yesterday was a positive step. While for the most part I do agree, remember the three School Board members we lost yesterday were three "YES" votes for the best hire this School District has made in the last twenty-five years, no not Joe Jamieson for Head Football coach and High School physical education teacher, but Mr. Morrie Vielleux. The leadership he has already demonstrated is simply amazing. All the while showing the warmth to us unhappy voters that few would, or more importantly have the charisma to do. And was your car at the District office as late as 11:00pm three sometimes four nights aweek like Judy's was? Have you returned every phone call and e-mail the last 4 months as Bob Sievert has? And how many of you became actively involved with the School District and its meetings because of Bill Brennan? While none of them will send me a Christams card this year nor will they receive one from me, they did have some good qualities.

We are left with four quality people left as our leaders. Lester Jones, who has been was heavily chastised by former Board members, and blog sites. And what was the first thing Lester asked to have done at last nights emergency meeting? Asked that the three former board members be thanked for their contributions and make everyone aware of the time, commitment, and sacrifices they made as Board members. No one defines "class individual" as Lester does. Chris Skoglund, also a source of malicious blogging was there last night doing just what she always has done, whatever it takes to get things done, keeping minutes as well as offering input on the issue at hand. She even asked for a "typerwriter" to compile the Boards statement regarding the resignations. Greg Gartner has said before that he is involved in everything. How many School related activities have you shown up and not seen Greg there? Nobody in this community is as involved as Greg, and have you ever seen him with out that smile? And lastly Rick Hinz. Anyone that ever questioned Rick Hinz commitment to doing the right thing did not attend either of the two Board meetings this week. His handling of an obvious tough situation last night was marvelous. And wasn't it great how he tried to make sure Roberts Rules of Order to meetings was followed to best of his abilities?

Between those four and Morrie, we have a solid foundation. One that we definitely should be able to build on. From there we need to find three quality replacements to round out the Board. Do we look to our our proud past (no, not you Bob Ziller)? Do we look to our near past and look for names like Cook-Shannon, Leiffort, Demulling, Tellijon,and Lind? Or do we look to some of the young dynamic minds who are reshaping the business community in our town every day? All are fairly good ideas, as we have to consider that all three of these seats will be up for election this coming April, a mere 7 months away.

I ask three things of the voters of the New Richmond School District. Number one, think of 2 people you know and respect, and go ask them to consider throwing their name in the hat to help fix something that is broken. Number two, show your "Tiger Pride" and become part of the solution by helping our teachers educate our children. And lastly, the next time you see Lester, Chris, Greg, Rick, and Morrie or any administrator, teacher, teacher assistant or administrative help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell them "THANK YOU" for their efforts and know they will also do their part to help bring us back to the top. Will you?

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AndyRand said...


Well said, finally something worthy of the of being called "Above the Borderline". I only wish you would have started posting these thoughts when OTBL started their field trips to New Richmond.