Note To OTBL's N. Onimous

In a current post at ontheborderline.net, N. Onimous posts the following:

First of all, I would like to thank N. Onimous for associating me with the likes of our local Republican, state representatives Kitty Rhoades and Shelia Harsdorf. If the OTBL'ers aren't calling these hardworking ladies RINOs, they are calling them "socialists." Of course, O. Nonimous and his gang of anonymous bullies call anyone not drinking their brand of extreme right wing Kool Aid a "socialist." The OTBL'ers' point of is to get the ignorant masses whipped up about the fear of communism.

The OTBL'ers need to update their approach, if they want to sell their brand of Kool Aid. You are still selling the same old brand of John Birch Society Kool Aid that didn't sell before. Your wardrobe needs to be updated. The Bush Administration likes to use the "terrorist" tag. From you front row seats at the Bush gig in Hudson, you should have picked this buzzword up.

Anyways, concerning your comments, I won't have much to say on the actions at the Monday night NR school board meeting. I wasn't there. In fact, I wasn't at the Hudson meeting where Weese and Shaw were escorted out of the meeting. However, I did see the meeting on cable TV and on your blog site. Therefore, I don't have the background to talk about Monday night.

If you'll notice, this blog has been very quite on the New Richmond school board since the election. What confused me about the lead-up to the April elections is that the teachers' union backed Brennan and Remington in the 2005 elections.

My problem with Brennan -- your OTLB 2005 Ray of Hope -- is the serious suspicion of his leaking of executive session information to your blog. As a board member this is a violation of his duty and elected responsibility. I also stepped back from the NR board discussion because it appeared to be solidifying into clash of the collective egos of two groups of adults that were both "doing it for the kids."

Above you mention my letter to the HSO last summer. Here's a piece of the letter you didn't quote:

"If the guidelines for citizen comments are not clear, the board needs to clarify them. If citizens are not sticking to their pre-stated comments, the board needs to keep them on point. The idea that Weese and Shaw have some sort of a First Amendment claim against the school board would make an interesting legal brief. Weese and Shaw should make their claim, if they feel it has merit and let the courts decide."

I've read nothing about the Weese-Shaw walk going to court. What's the holdup? The Weese-Shaw walk has turned into a repeated dumb post by Luke, aka, Carnac, just like the repeated Willie threat letter posts. Of course, no one comments on those post anymore -- except maybe O. Nonimous...who probably is Luke.

I agree with O. Nonimous on the charge of being a hypocrite...although maybe not pertaining to this specific instance. Like ALL humans I at times say one thing and do another. As I am guilty of being a hypocrite, I am guilty of being human. You are the perfect knights in white armour who paint all who don't buy you gospel of greed as the black devils. Me, I'm the man who's lives in the gray zone of reality. The lunchbox totting, taxpaying, public education supporting, freedom loving American who believes there are inequities in the world that need to be rectified. In fighting for my beliefs, I believe standing up against the bullshit you OTBL'ers are peddling is one on the major reasons God gave me a heart, soul and a brain.


AndyRand said...

"I believe standing up against the bullshit you OTBL'ers are peddling is one on the major reasons God gave me a heart, soul and a brain."

And you're executing your mission well

Josh said...


Josh said...


Note that Jack Junior took your advice at 10:20 PM

I count THREE references to TERRORISTS (GASP!) in New Richmond.

666 said...

Concerning O. Nonimous's comments, the difference between what happened in New Richmond this week and what happened in Hudson last year is quite obvious. New Richmond the result of a show community force and Hudson saw a display of anti-cimmunity farce.

advocatefortruth said...

TERRORISTS huh? To anyone in attendance at Mondays NR school board meeting, two things were painfully obvious. First of all the community had grown tired of the conduct of one board member. One community member hit the nail on the head when saying "Bill you sit there like a bump on a log." Second of all, the dysfunction of the board in that configuration was finally called out. The sad thing about all this though is the huge black eye 2 of the 3 board members left the community is going to take a long time in healing.

Missin' You said...

Welcome back to your old blog JPN. Where've you been? I was beginning to think you had turned over the keys to Josh and the college boys!

Josh said...

haha I wouldn't hold the keys with a ten foot pole.

Josh said...

hmm how long ago did OTBL devise a popup box for any link-outs to their website from us?

Josh said...

unfortunately for them it doesn't work unless you're in the actual page view of the individual post.

haha idiots

admin said...

You don't want to link to their site. You get the "socialist scum" popup. They block hits from atbl1.blogspot.com and certain IPs. They'd be surprised at how many people can't get to their blog from places available to the public.


Anonymous said...

All the OBL'ers try to sell is hate, distortions, and LIES....LIES....LIES. Everyone thinks of them as a joke. Isn't that right Curt or Mark????

Anonymous said...

Remember the real nuts are the ones who don't think their nuts! Let's just keep our fingers crossed they go away like the plague and we can focus on the important matters facing our district.

Dr. Pam Demick said...

Never heard of a plague "just going away".

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this in 2005?? If I'm correct it is now the end of August 2006. Do some people not have a life or what?? If you disagree with people in office vote against them, and let the majority rule. I wouldn't have the time to run to school board meetings all over the county and make an "ASS" out of myself consistently. By the way, where do these people work? Since it is a free-market economy, I should be able to make a free-market choice to not use their products, or complain to their employers.

Mike said...

Good points made by all.

BTW JPN, can you adequately substantiate your accusation that Bill Brennan leaked executive session information to OTBL?

If not, maybe you better remove that comment.

I just learned that the adminstration of this blog does not like unsubstantiated accusations.


JPN said...

Brennan's matter was brought up at the school board meeting by me and discussed openly by board members. I mentioned there was serious suspicion that Brennan leaked info directly to the OTBL blog or to someone else who post it on the blog.

The charge you post in your comment was pointed at a private citizen who doesn't hold -- and never has held -- and elected office.

I believe the differnce in my post deals with a public official dealing with public business. Your comment deals with speculation concerning private individuals.

Brennan denied posting the info on the OTBL blog, but he neither confirmed or denied providing executive session info to someone to post on said blog.

Anonymous said...


I think JPN is trying to cover his ass and not yours.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet Mike and Mary are the same poster.

advocatefortruth said...

Bill Brennan did admit during an interview with Jeff Peterson on WIXK am 1590 radio that he had leaked school board information to a blog site. Now because I hate half-truths, I did not hear the interview, however if you were to ask Mr Peterson, he would tell you the rest of the story.

Mike said...

Hmmmm. Brennan never confirmed or denied the leak. Guilty!

Hmmmm. I heard from a guy who heard from a guy who heard from a guy on the radio that Brennan admitted it. Guilty!

Hmmmm. JPN made a speech about it and Brennan did not stand up and object. Guilty!

Hmmmm. Other board members openly discussed their suspicions about Brennan. Guilty!

Hmmmm. Brennan is a public official who has lost the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Guilty!

Yep. You got it.

No speculation there.


Carry on.

Deep Throat said...

Maybe JPN should have said "alleged" instead of "serious suspicion."