Pluto/OTBL Join Forces- Secede From Earth's Solar System

From the:
International Astronomical Union's 26th General Assembly in Prague.

After years of wrangling and a week of bitter debate, astronomers voted on a sweeping reclassification of the solar system. In what many of them described as a triumph of science over sentiment, Pluto was demoted to the status of a “dwarf planet.”

In a related story:

On Wednesday, three New Richmond School Board members abruptly resigned.
Administrator Morrie Veilleux said he received letters of resignation, effective immediately, from Board President Judy Remington, Bill Brennan and Bob Sievert.

With this announcement OTBL has lost it's "Ray of Hope" / "Shining Light" and like
Pluto has been severly deminished in stature.
Noting the similarities officals at OTBL have decided to join forces with Pluto and secede
from Earth's solar system to form their own "dwarf alliance", the name they have chosen to call their new extra-planetary system. Dr. Bill Max Fill noted that by seperating from Earth,
they will become a part of the Lost Galaxy of Gongo.

Like Pluto, we are unique and rugged individualists and refuse to be a part of interplanetary "group think". Said anonymous blogger N.Onimous. We don't really care
what the International Astronomical Union Thugs say Dr. Bill Max Fill reiterated. We don't listen to Socialists.

The IAU members gathered at the 2006 General Assembly agreed that a "planet" is defined as a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and (c) has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.

While OTBL is defined as a number of individual self reliant Anti-Government, Anti Socialist, Anti- Public Education Bloated Egos Revloving around themselves.

All involved agreed that OTBL and Earth would be better off with OTBL remaining "out of
this world".


edwin hubble said...

Yes, quite right, my dear sir. However, you must admit that the OTBL bloggers really know how to clear the neighborhood around their orbit. There is quite a bit of empirical evidence showing that no one wants to been seen within a million miles of them.

copernicus said...

Yes, the evidence proves their theories wrong. (The earth is not flat)

mike frase said...
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Administration said...


Obviously, if you have proof that what you say is true, then you should contact the Star-Observer and point this out. Or you should write a letter to the HSO explaining your charge to the readers.

Also, if you have proof of this, post it in the comment section. If not don't be making unsubstantiated accusations on this blog. We don't want to waste our time baby sitting comments and we don't want to turn on the comment monitoring option.

Please refer to the changes made on your same comment put on another post.

Mike said...


Sorry, my bad.

What you said hadn't occurred to me before. When you started a blog that allowed anonymous comments by any one of the billions of people on the planet that have access to the internet, you clearly had the right to expect all commentators to substantiate everything they say. You shouldn't have to take any further responsibility than that.

In fact, if we commentators don't provide complete substantiation of every remark we make then the stellar integrity of blogs as the neo-news media (such as yours) will begin to quickly diminish. None of us wants to see that.

I'll try to work on substantiating my comment, but I'm not sure what more I can do. I picked up the newspaper last night and saw my name on a letter I didn't write. Seems like that should be proof enough. But maybe not.

Again, my bad.

You have a good blog for a socialist. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Your bad what?

Dale Carnegie said...

I think he might be bad at typing?

Anonymous said...

He is certainly bad at sentence structure.