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Once again the OTBL gang only wants you to hear half the truth...

Well it looks as if our little buddy Jack Bauer has enlisted a friend in his personal attack on a member of the community. Marion Shaw, 493 Countryview Rd., Hudson WI requested via a public records request the document which is linked below in the article. Please read the article and then see the rest of the truth at the bottom.
Douple Dipping?
by Jack Bauer @ 9:08 am

Mike Ballard, the former Principal of the New Richmond Middle School, recently quit this post to become a Principal at an elementary school in River Falls.
On July 13, the New Richmond School Board finally accepted Ballard’s resignation pending his starting the new position in River Falls.

Following a quick review of the contract signed by Mike Ballard on June 29, his start date in River Falls was July 1. We have nothing but best wishes for Mr. Ballard in his new endeavor. However, we do wonder what his last date of pay was New Richmond.

See OTBL link http://www.ontheborderline.net/files/River_Falls_Ballard_Contract_Form.jpg

Since his contractual start date in River Falls was on July 1, we would expect his end date of pay in New Richmond to be June 30. Did the New Richmond School District continue to pay him after June 30? And if so, for how many days? His annual salary in New Richmond was $85,969. Based on 240 workdays per year, this equates to approximately $358.20 per day rate.

It will be interesting to see how many days Ballard may have been paid by both the taxpayers of the New Richmond School District and the River Falls District.
We’ll be keeping a close eye on this to determine if this is just yet another example of care-free spending by the New Richmond District with your tax dollars.


Mr Bauer & Mr. Shaw,

Mr Ballard was asked by Superintendent Vielleux to stay on until the School Board acted on his resignation. Which was scheduled for Thursday, July 13th. The reason for the request was simple: Due to the School Board making several mistakes (which Mr. Bauer you also blamed Mr. Ballard for, incorrectly may I add) it took an additional 3 months to hire a new Assistant Principal.

Transitioning in one new administrator would be hard enough, not to mention two, on top of a new Superintendent. The School District of River Falls allowed Mr Ballard to work until July 10th, with the understanding that he would be using HIS vacation time to do this. So really, as a favor to Morrie Vielleux, Mr Ballard used his personal time to help out the New Richmond School District. Now I think it should also be noted that Mr Ballard also volunteered to use an additional 2 days vacation to help any transition to the new Principal that Mike could help with.

So Jack, I have to Thank you, I read your article and was concerned, did a lot more investigative work than you obviously did and was relieved to know that once again, you and your investigative team had only done half the work necessary to get the whole story out. That my friend seems to be the trend with you and your gang. Sad but true!

Border Line


jock bowel said...

Wah'll, pull meh garter and call me Snappy! I done gat it wrong agin!

Ms. Muriel Shaw said...

Please don't call me Marion again. The name is Muriel!

advocatefortruth said...

Sorry Muriel, just going on the information provided through public records. Don't see your name anywhere on the info I checked out. Well I am not really sorry, but I will pretend to so I don't appear to be the gutter slime that makes up the group of people who blog on the OTBL site.


The Real Marion said...

Muriel, put that duct tape back on your mouth! (Stupid multiple personalities jumping out again.)

Anyway AFT, I was happy to help out Jock Bowel by dragging my sorry ass up to New Richmond to make trouble for the school district. That's my specialty in Hudson.

Oh, and please call me Mary!

Josh said...

ahem. Lets get back to humiliating the fake names

The real marionette said...

Do you mean to lecture me Mr. Josh? Do you think you have the standing to do so? You who live in the unreal world of a college campus and the even more unreal world of the blogospshere and the even more unreal world of ethical intellectualisms?

I am twice your age and have invested my life, employment, home and family in my St. Croix Valley town. If there are those who want to destroy my town, I'll humilate them by name if I so choose.

advocatefortruth said...

So Marionette, if you really are Mr Shaw, like you are trying to claim, answer me this please: Why is a Hudsdon resident so interested in the School Board proceedings of not only new Richmond, but River Falls also?

Josh said...

Haha It wasn't so much a lecture as it was an attempt to refrain from this becoming OTBL.

Anyways, your age is irrelevant. If me, at half of your age, can realize that slander and libel only serves to perpetuate the reign of disrespect you feel is destroying your town, than I am truly sorry for you.

On a second note, you're sorely mistaken about the details of my life, but thanks for playing.

Marzidotes said...

Josh, sorry to be so harsh. Just bustin' your balls a bit. Adversity builds character, don't you think?

I certainly don't know anything about your life. And you don't know anything about me. I just saw your blog in which you refer to your college life. I also see that you blog a lot.

So, my point being, maybe you should pull yourself out from behind your computer, graduate from college, get a job, lose that job, get another job, get married, buy a house, balance a mortgage payment and car payment, pay some taxes, have a few kids, balance orthodontists and doctor bills, deal with schools, invest your time, money and reputation in your community, build a life, get some experience, and get - your know - "context." Then - you might be someone I care to listen to.

But that's just me.


gavel said...


If he did all that, there's a danger that he might start blogging at OTBL. Of course, he's already been kicked off of there. However, if you are crafty you can get back on.

Marzipan said...


I posted 50 words on OTBL two years ago and immediately got kicked off. That might be a record. It all comes down to which words you choose.


Josh said...

First, let me say that I'm a big boy and can deal with bitter people such as yourself 'busting my balls'... You have ever-so-cleverly tried turning this around on me.

However, my point had nothing to do with your attacking me, but rather, you and a few other posts that were specifically naming residents of this county by name and trashing their character (AKA Libel) (AKA OBTL's method of op)

"Adversity builds character, don't you think?"

Aside from that line being cliché, I would have to argue the relevance.

n. pl. ad•ver•si•ties
-A state of hardship or affliction; misfortune.
-A calamitous event."
-American Heritage

If the adversities are a direct result of libel or slander, they are unnecessary adversities caused by someone who is clearly lacking positive character, and therefore should focus on building their own rather than the twenty-something that calls them out for being untactful

Josh said...

This is all not to mention that you are posting anonymously and attacking people by their real names

Which is just plain cowardly.

Josh said...

And finally, I will add..

(because again you have no clue who I am, why I'm here, or if any of your conclusions are even correct)

..that I am in fact here to learn, to grow, and to have what I currently 'know' be challenged. Andyrand can attest to this as I've emailed that him before.

Regardless, my age and/or your superiority complex do not necessarily make your actions 'right'.

Josh said...

Oh.. and if your actions are in fact wrong then you deserve having them called out by anyone really. (I think a grade schooler could recognize much of what I'm talking about)

The beautiful thing about the Constitution is it does not discriminate by age in regards to the first amendment.

So if you still have no desire to see what I have to say (because I'm just a whipper-snapper without possibly anything valid to contribute) than I would encourage you 'Mary' (I'm starting to have my own guesses as to who you really are) ..to simply ignore my posts and blog and save your energy

marsupial said...

My Dear Josh:

You might look back at this string of posts and see that it was advocatefortruth who first posted the name "Marion Shaw" (with his home address to boot). It was also advocatefortruth who first used the name of Mr. Shaw's wife. (Although, I see that infraction has since been deleted.) I merely followed AFT's lead and poked fun at the infamous Shaws.

You see, I know of Mr. and Mrs. Shaw. They have gone beyond the pale in harming the town of Hudson and its residents over the years. And, in the process, they have humiliated themselves far, far more than I could ever do with a few measly words on this blog. That's what I mean about having "context" of what is happening in the community.

Also, if you want to play in this game of anonymous blogging then you better toughen up a bit - or you're going to be losing a lot of sleep being frustrated by bloggers who like to use this new medium to poke and prod.

Your Superior In Every Way

AndyRand said...

My Dear Mari,

I only wish you could demonstrate the maturity and intellect of the whipper-snapper Josh. I've read his stuff and think he reveals maturity beyond his years.
Something I'm afraid you have not.
I see nothing you've written to support your claim of being "Your Superior In Every Way". If you truely were, you wouldn't have to proclaim it yourself.

Josh said...


-Before you get your panties in a bunch, you might look back at MY original post and note that it wasn't directed specifically at you. In fact, I even mentioned that again later.

-Your attempt at justification just worsens your point. If you cannot possibly humiliate them any worse than they already have themselves, why bother?

-This "game" you refer to is the real world buddy. And the owners of this blog face real consequences from idiots like you. I'm willing to bet THEY deleted the name and address for that very reason.

Marshmallow said...

Andy & Josh:

Yes I have matured beyond my years. My doctor calls it the onset of senility.

As far as my intellect? I have more holes in my grey matter than there are stars in the hourglass. Beat that.

Do you really think that the owner of this blog faces real consequences in the real world from the drivel that idiots like me post on his blog? Do you think they are worse consequences that what he faces from your postings? If you think there is a difference, you might want to scroll back and take a close look at your postings over the months. What you think is so humorous may not be considered that by certain citizens living ontheborderline. You've been quite harsh and pointed towards certain individuals. You've also done so anonymously. And the fake names you feel you can humiliate really are not that fake. Everyone knows who you are talking about.

My Drivel Is Superior To Your Drivel

Josh said...


Who is Jack Bauer?
Who is N. Onimous?
Who is Jack Junior?

Also - I will point out OTBL admins have specifically threatened this blog owner with lawsuits.

Furthermore, I challenge you to dig through the archives and find any post written by me slandering any individual by real name.

That stuff is irrelevant anyways. Morally it is quite clear that slander and libel are wrong.

If you go to your grave fighting fire with fire Ms. Drivel, I somehow suspect you'll die bitter.

advocatefortruth said...

Mari, Andy, & Josh,
That is the problem with blogging. There are no rules. The only reason I post on here is to bring some honesty to offset the OTBL gangs half truths and inuendo's to members of the community. Here is the truth about the post I left regarding this subject. Mike Ballards contract acceptance terms were posted by Jack Bauer at OTBL. Mr. Ballards contract was a mtter of public record. All public school administrators contracts are public record. Anyone can request them by paying a small fee. You also can find out who requested them in the same matter. Now the only time I have heard of Marion Shaw is from his Academy Award winning performance from the June 14th, 2006 Hudson School Board meeting. He requested it, I just reported it. It is all a matter of public record.

Josh said...


Yours were statements of fact. I don't disagree with that at all.

I think posting Mr. Ballard's contract is not an issue at all. Nor do I have a personal problem with Marion's name being mentioned. The address, I feel, is somewhat threatening, but again probably nothing illegal.

Mr. Drivel here, and his moral justifications of superiority just simply amaze me. I'm quite intrigued at this argument.

The interesting thing is... We all basically agree that Marion is likely connected with OTBL and we all probably have distaste for those antics.

However, Mr. Drivel feels that lowering himself to their level is alright. Which I completely disagree with.

advocatefortruth said...

Josh, Mr. Shaws address is also on the "public records request" sheet. Making that public records. The reason I felt it need be brought out is it was interesting that a Hudson resident was so concerned with the business of the River Falls and New Richmond districts. After seeing the mockery he has helped foster in the Hudson School District. Nothing personal against him, just very interesting. Now if Mr. Shaw did not want his name as part of public records, he could have walked into the RF School District offices and asked to receive a copy of the document, and simply giving his name. Josh I feel compelled to ask, do you have children who are school aged?

martinique said...


Despite your stated desire to learn something about life out here on these blogs, I conclude that you really have nothing more to learn. You are an expert blogger. You immediately take the moral highground. Whatever you say or do is right, and people like me are "idiots." (BTW, idiot is a great choice of words - it's a standard blogger epithet, and you stumbled right on it.)

But do you really want to spend your youth blogging, so that you become a bitter old man like me? There is so much more that you could be doing with your time. Oh, to be 20 again. Make love to your girlfriend, smoke some weed, take a walk in the park, get in a canoe, read a book, go to a good movie, write a letter to your mom and dad, drink a tap beer or a nice glass of wine, cook a gourmet meal anything, ANYTHING, except blogging. It's not a healthy hobby. It leads to only to bitterness and hate.

Your old bitter pal,
Superior to You in Every Single Way Imaginable on God's Green Earth

Josh said...

again you continue with the personal attack instead of sticking to the issues being debated.

Are you going to answer ANY of the questions I've asked?

AFT - No I do not. Nice post by the way. well said.

Martin & Lewis said...


Good to hear from you! I thought you were going to go away and leave me without a reply. I'm sorry you took my last post as a personal attack. It was actually friendly advice from your elder, suggesting that you spend more time with worthwhile pursuits and less time blogging. But, here you are again. (And you call me an idiot.)

Looking back, I don't see many questions in your posts for me to answer. I see where you asked me to name the OTBL'ers. I guess I can do that if you insist.

But before going there, I have one concern. In one of your comments you mention that the OTBL admin threatened the ATBL admin with a lawsuit. This is a serious allegation on your part. Do you have the proper substantiation for this allegation? You are saying that OTBL admin Chris Kilber made a specific threat to sue ATBL admin James Nelson. Be careful, because saying something like this, on your part, might be considered much more inflammatory and libelous than anything I have said so far. Did you check your facts?

Heck, if Mr. Kilber is making such threats, then he might even be elevated to the number one candidate for the writing of the Willi threat letter. I would contact the Hudson police if I were you to let them know about this development. Be sure to have your substantiation handy.

In a previous comment I said that everyone knows who the OTBL bloggers are. Just because you make fun of them using fake names doesn't really change anything. Then you asked me who they are.

I could put their full names here, I suppose, but I know that the administration of this blog gets edgy when real names are listed. So lets just go with the first name and last initial. Ready?

William D.
Curt W.
Steve H.
Mark P.
Marion S.
Elizabeth M.
Chris K.
Bob Z.

There are a few more, but you get the drift. They are a tight-knit group.

They've got kids and spouses and jobs and lives. You know, they're real people. So the ATBL'ers aren't really all that much better than me just because you make fun of them under their fake names and I use their real names. Everyone still knows who you are talking about.

Mari Jane
Superior to You in Every Substantiated Way

Josh said...


Which brings me back to my original post in this thread...

josh said...

ahem. Lets get back to humiliating the fake names

23/8/06 16:32

You did not answer my question about who Jack, JJ, and N.on are. They are indeed fake names and you claimed that everybody knows who they are therefore our making fun of them is just as bad as OTBL making fun of people by real name, while cloaked behind a fake name.

I also asked you to find a single post where I have done such, as you implied I have done.

Lady Liberty said...

M & L:

Most of those people regularly post stuff at OTBL under their names. Are you saying they also use fake names too? That's dishonest! Isn't it?