There's A New Blog In New Richmond

UPDATE: Evidently the blog mentioned in this post has been dismantled. See message below:

A reader forwarded me the link to a new blog in New Richmond. The blog is called billsgottago and the address is http://www.billsgottago.com/.

Being a professional blog reviewer with no hidden agendas or ulterior motives, I can safely say this blog appears to take aim at New Richmond school board member Bill Brennan. The blogs is in its infancy. Check it out.

And now, we interrupt this post for a touching moment with Bill and Judy as they prepare for another school board meeting...


Anonymous said...

Neither Bill or Judy is capable of performing in a leadership capacity any longer. They both need to go- if they really cared about what happens in the district for the students and families in New Richmond, they would step down gracefully. It would be the first proactive move either one has made this year! Nothing is going to be accomplished with this board while they are still 'serving'.

Also- I do not get Judy's loyalty to Bill. Most of the grief she's been through has been because of things he's chosen to do. If she made a quick break and forced him to answer the questions she's been struggling with- like the 100+ people at the recent school board meetings would like to see happen- she'd immediately start earning back the regard within the town she's lost since Bill came along.

That is- unless people have lost all respect for her after threatening a teacher with that lawsuit when it turns out it wasn't the teacher who lied- it was Remington! The police report proving that was read at the meeting this week and Judy looked like she was going to crawl under the table!

advocatefortruth said...

Whoever thought up that websites name is a flippin' genius!

Josh said...

Does anyone have a copy of this police report? If so email it to me at Josh@OnTheBottomLine.Net so I can post it here.

I also do not understand the Judy-Bill alliance. It seems many of the actions that Judy defends Bill for have nothing to do with her. Strange.

Josh said...

Looks like this website was short lived. "Access forbidden"