NR School Board members announce regsignation

On Wednesday, three New Richmond School Board members abruptly resigned.

Administrator Morrie Veilleux said he received letters of resignation, effective immediately, from Board President Judy Remington, Bill Brennan and Bob Sievert.

An emergency meeting of the remaining four members - Chris Skoglund, Rick Hinz, Lester Jones and Greg Gartner - has been scheduled for 7:30 p.m. this evening at the district offices. The topic will be the board resignations and filling the vacancies.

According to school district policy, the board must accept applications and appoint replacements. The three seats then would be open in the April election.

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Josh said...

Kudos to the remaining board members for a positive focus at tonight's meeting.

An interesting observation- the four remaining members all have children that graduated in the same class (2003).

What's interesting to me is the lack of a real OTBL response on this yet. Anyone have any opinions on that?

Anonymous said...

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Remember the original OTBL was hosted in Russia as well....
So draw your own conclusions.

You know the number, look up the name.

Anonymous said...


This goes against their agenda. Therefore silence.

Josh said...

I want to make a note of caution on drawing any conclusions from the WHOIS information. Very easily, someone could have entered that number by flipping open the phonebook.

On a seperate note, almost immediately after the posting of the resignations the site came down.

Anonymous said...

Take a visit here:


If you can't see it the end is .html

666 said...

This an interesting link and a very good point. How come no one stands up at the New Richmond school board session and asks why the math scores are like this? I've attended a number of meetings since the publication of the info in the enclosed link where no one even spoke at the public forum.

Evidently the Do Groups cares more about accusing the Yes group of wanting to build a Metrodome in NR and doesn't care about math scores? Maybe the Yes groups is distracted by the threats and intimidation from certain individuals who use such tactics? Maybe the parents of the kids with the low math scores should be standing up in front of the school board asking why?

Anonymous said...

One thing is for SURE- there are no more excuses. The distractions and disruptions blamed on Brennan et. al. are GONE and it's time to get down to business. I predict good things are on the horizon for New Richmond students. Just think of everything they DON'T have to worry about/deal with at board meetings anymore- now the task at hand is truly what is best for improving student achievement in NR.

Anonymous said...


The link was written by OTBLers and hosted on a Russian server, as was the
billsgottago.com. I'm not sure what the connection is exactly , but I think there's something rotten in Moscow.

advocatefortruth said...

Taking the web site down immediately after Mr. Brennan's resignation was done simply because it was the right thing to do. This individual showed class in doing this. Anonymous is correct. The time has come for New Richmond to heal its wounds and move forward. From testimony given at Monday nights Board meeting, it was obvious that two of the resigned board members had hidden agendas and once those became public knowledge, there was not much they could do. The bottom line is that now the ENTIRE community of New Richmond needs to get down to work and face head on the issues at hand, and work towards restoring the pride of a once mighty school district, and a community as a whole.

Cato said...

It was probabbly for the best.