Vote Republican: It's Worth $100

New York Times, April 27 — Senate Republicans tried on Thursday to get the upper hand in the escalating political battle over high gasoline prices by proposing a $100 rebate for taxpayers. The Republicans say they believe that their new proposal, which was announced at a news conference attended by several senators facing re-election this year, could strike a public chord, particularly with its promise of a $100 check to millions of taxpayers.

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Gas Fuming Mad said...

When are people going to wake up?
I'll bet that $100 actually costs each of us over $1000. Who isn't paying more than double at the pump. How many more "fees" have been instituted to make up for the billions in tax cuts for the rich? How many families have seen their income erode in the years since Bush and the Republicans came to power. Republicans:Take your $100 and you know what you can do with it!!!!!!!!