New Rcihmond Students Compete In Supermileage Challenge

No guzzlers here: These cars go far on a sip of unleaded

"Once you do it, it gets in your blood."
Ken Bessac
New Richmond High School teacher

Elkhart Lake - They're a bit cramped and there are no cup holders, but with gas mileage soaring into the 400 miles per gallon range, no one was complaining.

The cars zooming around the Road America racetrack Monday - well, actually zooming might not be the right word ... the vehicles putt-putting along in the Supermileage Challenge were not out to break speed records. The idea was to see how far they could travel on one tank of gas.

New Richmond brought 18 students and four cars to Monday's competition, a far cry from five years ago when only three students showed up. Aside from designing and building their cars, New Richmond students also raise funds by securing sponsors, said Ken Bessac, their instructor.

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