Sean Hannity Uncovers Gas Price Culprits: Democrats

Sean Hannity: "I give blame for high gas prices. Thirty years of the Democrats beholden to the extreme environmental movement, we haven’t built a refinery. We’re not allowed to drill in the 48 states or off the coast of Florida or California. We can’t drill in ANWR. We can’t do anything… Government taxes are 62 cents a gallon in New York for gasoline. The gas companies only get 9 cents a gallon. I blame you liberals for this.”


S. Lumber said...

Don't forget that "Gore gas" back in 2000. Remember when those prices were bursting through the $1 mark? Remember when the candidate Bush and company were attacking Gore on this issue?

Apply Liberally said...

I remember 1999 when wages were up,
prices were down, gas was cheap, and we weren't at war. Then the Replicans
came in to fix everything.
So Hannity must be right, about how the liberals who have been out of power since 2000 have ruined everything. Give me a break!!!!!!!!
Hannity-What an A-hole.