Dr. Spirit's Sunday Sermon: Hudson Schools Are 'Junk'

Dr. Spiritofpublicus, on the borderwhiner blog, daydreams during the Sunday sermons at church - thinking up his own sermons against public education. He shares those with the borderwhiners on Sunday nights.

Perhaps he should pay more attention to the pastor. He might learn that only perfect people should throw stones, and none of us are perfect.

This Sunday, Dr. Spirit threw a big stone by telling us that Hudson schools are "junk."

He compared Hudson schools to Edina schools. Apparently, Edina schools provide a quality education, while Hudson schools are nothing but junk.

I have to ask. When Dr. Spirit moved to this area, why didn't he move to Edina? Why choose Hudson? Did he move here for the quality of life? For lower taxes? For good schools? Whatever the reason, apparently he has spent the rest of the time regretting it. Hudsonites certainly regret his choice too.

Dr. Spirit could send his kids to private schools. I think he is waiting for a government voucher first. That's probably a good excuse for a poor family in Milwaukee. But I assume that Dr. Spirit is a wealth producer. He also gets federal and state income tax advantages for having dependents. So what is he waiting for? He could protect his kids from a junk education, but all that is standing in the way is his need for a government hand-out.

Pretty sad.


666 said...

Dr. Spirit would have never given a rip about Hudson v. Edina, if he hadn't moved in next door to Hudson's most serious member of the John Birch Society. Until then, Spirit was just an ignorant, taxpaying citizen.

Anonymous said...

I just wish our friend the "Witch Dr."
would get his mojo working somewhere else.