More Funny Math Used On OTBL Blog Site

Bob "The Voice of Reason" Ziller is putting out some funny, incorrect math statistics in a current post titled "Eliminate The Dept. of Education." The post is about Ziller's question asked at last Friday's listening session held by Senator Russ Feingold in Hudson. Of the approximately 75 people attending, Ziller said that 98.5 percent were Democrats. I know for certain this isn't true. Besides Mr. Z, I know at least two other Republicans that were there. Francis Foukes, the extreme right Christian letter writer from Deer Park, and the Jet Black Partial Birth Abortion Lady, who attends any listening session conducted by a state or national elected official.

I know Mr. Z was raises on personal slate board math and I was brought up on that new math, but 3 divided by 75 = 96 percent. He used the number of 98.5 percent. Another example of misleading information published at your local OTBL blog site. As followers of the OTBL blog site know, there is no mathematical calculation too small to quibble over.

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