Naming Rights: Your Ticket to Respect

You say you've been school board harassing and government school bashing for years and you still "Get No Respect". Well today's your lucky day thanks to the Hudson High School Naming Rights Fund Raising Program.
Following the lead of the New Berlin, WI Schools (See Milwaukee Journal ) The Hudson Schools are selling off naming rights to every building, classroom, athletic field, and bathroom fixture to the highest bidder. That's right,
this is your ticket to RESPECT.
Do you think people will continue to laugh at your wealth building internet ventures when they see "YOUR NAME" on the schoolboard at "YOUR NAME" field?
Will they continue to shout "Sit down you a**, at the next school board meeting?" Not a chance when it's "YOUR NAME" auditorium they're sitting in.
Bidding for naming rights begins at $ 250,000 for athletic fields, $175,000 for auditoriums,
$95,000 for cafeterias, and swimming pools, $500 for parking stalls, and for the budget
minded "A Buck three - eighty" for washroom fixtures.
Don't delay, get the respect you deserve by immortalizing you name at your local government school.


No Way said...

C'mon, the school district can't change the name of "Newton Field"! Then the Newton Field Coffee Club would have to change its name. No can do.

Fine Porcelain said...

Uh oh, Watchdog. Looks like you've identified another device used by borderliners to leak intelligence.

Tidy Bowl Man said...

Obviously, there is proof here of a brain drain...