It's Kristol Clear

Bill Kristol is a major player in the group called "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC), which envisioned America attacking the Middle East since the mid-90's. He was interviewed by Steven Colbert:

COLBERT: Speaking of thinking alike, you were a member, or are a member of the Project for a New American Century, correct?
COLBERT: Were or am?
KRISTOL: Were and am.
COLBERT: How’s that Project coming?
KRISTOL: Well it’s…
COLBERT: How’s the New American Century? Looks good to me, right?
KRISTOL: I think it, I…I’m speechless.
COLBERT: Really?
KRISTOL: Yeah, we’ve sort of, the Project for a New American Century, we’re one of the few people…
COLBERT: Come on, it’s a terrific New American Century, right?
KRISTOL: Well, I think we’re doing ok.
COLBERT: You, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Pearle, Feith, all you guys, right?
KRISTOL: Well, we fought back after 9/11 and I’m proud of what we’ve done in Afghanistan and in Iraq, yes.
COLBERT: Well, this is pre-9/11, you guys had the Project in the 90s?
KRISTOL: Absolutely, and we thought we should have been fighting back more in the 90s.
COLBERT: Right, we should have invaded Iraq, you know, then you said.
KRISTOL: We should have, actually.
COLBERT: Exactly.
KRISTOL: If we had finished the job in 1991 it would have been a lot easier.
COLBERT: A lot of people are bailing on this whole Iraq war idea. But you’re not, right?
KRISTOL: Correct.
COLBERT: You’re still onboard?
KRISTOL: I am onboard.
COLBERT: The grand experiment?
KRISTOL: No, it’s not a grand experiment.
COLBERT: It’s not? It’s a little experiment?
KRISTOL: No, it’s an unfortunate necessity that you cannot allow dictators to kill their own people and you cannot allow dictators to threaten their neighbors.
COLBERT: Which dictator do we take down next?
KRISTOL: Well, I wish we could take down more, actually. You know, it’d be nice to…
COLBERT: Wait a second, we cannot allow dictators to kill their own people. That’s a very simple statement sir, which I support wholeheartedly. Back it up!
KRISTOL: I’m with you.
COLBERT: Who do we go after next? Iran? Come on!
KRISTOL: I think we may have to take military action against…
COLBERT: Let’s get some boots on the ground, sir!
KRISTOL: I wish…we may have to do that. We have to do that in the Sudan.
COLBERT: Is the military option on the table in Iran?
KRISTOL: Absolutely, absolutely. And in Sudan.
COLBERT: Ok. How about the nuclear option in Iran?
KRISTOL: No, no.
COLBERT: Come on!
KRISTOL: No, I differ with you on this.
COLBERT: The President says…
KRISTOL: You’re a tougher guy than I am on this.
COLBERT: I’m a neo-neocon. You guys aren’t tough for me.
KRISTOL: I’m an anti-nuke neocon and you’re a pro-nuke neocon.

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