Mark Green's "The Book on Bush"

The Book on Bush:
"The Book on Bush is the first comprehensive critique of a president who is governing on a right wing and a prayer. In carefully documented and vivid detail, Eric Alterman and Mark Green, two of the leading progressive authors/advocates in the country, not only trace the guiding ideology that runs through a wide range of W's policies but also expose a presidential decision-making process that, rather than weighing facts to arrive at conclusions, begins with conclusions and then searches for supporting facts."

"Alterman and Green connect the dots of what's behind all the policies and prevarications. The Book on Bush reveals a president who, while determinedly uninformed, uncurious, and unyielding, is messianic in pursuing the goals of his three leading constituencies: the religious right, big business and neoconservatives. With few exceptions, the interests of these groups have been served so effectively that the result for America is nothing less than the attempted rolling back of the progressive gains of the past century."

Of course this in depth analysis is not to be confused with the yes man views of the other Mark Green, Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin.

Desperate St. Croix county Republican Campaign worker assures voters Mark Green stands with the President as they call local residents in their get out the vote campaign.
Our take is "Green is off the Mark".

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