Kittel Endorsed by Pioneer Press

The staunchly Republican Pioneer Press endorsed Democrat Kerry Kittel today over the Republican candidate for the 29th Assembly district seat:

State Assembly District 29 is a race for an open seat being vacated by one-term Republican Andy Lamb. Running for the seat are Republican John Murtha, a self-employed small business operator for 25 years, and Democrat Kerry Kittel, a high school government and U.S. history teacher.

Murtha stresses his experience running a business and experiencing first hand the impact of issues like health care costs and rising property taxes. He believes that to bring and keep well-paying jobs in the district, government should provide incentives and keep regulations in check. He's the chair of the Town of Eau Galle among other civic activities and a down-to-earth guy with a strong desire to serve the district.

Kittel got into the race because he doesn't think the representatives in the Assembly have shown leadership on the issues that matter to the district. His background makes education a priority for him, and Kittel emphasizes the need for the state to live up to its promise of two-thirds funding for education and to make the funding formula more equitable.

Kittel has good knowledge of actions taken — and not taken — in Madison on issues like health care and property tax reform. He wants to close tax loopholes for businesses, but understands that there needs to be a mixture of taxes. His emphasis is on fairness. He opposes the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Murtha's approach has appeal, but we feel that Kittel has a better understanding of the issues and the workings of the legislative process. Kittel earns our endorsement in District 29.

[Even the Pioneer Press thinks Murtha should do his homework . . .]

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