Dear Rush and Sean, Please See Karl...You Whiners!


Good old fashioned paper ballot counter said...

"Rove is just eight days from having his genius designation revoked -- or upgraded to platinum status.

Even within Rove's own party, expectations are widespread that the Nov. 7 elections will mark a repudiation for the base-rallying, contrast-drawing brand of politics with which he and President Bush have been so closely aligned. But it's a mark of the particular place Rove holds in the Washington psyche that even the most exuberant Democrats are wondering why Rove seems so confident.

There are two questions. Is Rove just acting cocky as a way of lifting GOP morale, or does he really believe it? And, if the latter, is he deluding himself, or does once again he know something that Democrats do not?

The answers have implications well beyond Rove's reputation. Midterm congressional losses for the GOP, some analysts and Republican veterans believe, could effectively end the Bush presidency two years ahead of schedule."


We can only hope for regime change in America before it's too late!

Cato said...


The thing is, people like the general idea of having a small government. Once you take stuff away, starting with say -- unconstitutional disaster aid funding to Katrina victims -- and people cry alot. Cry cry and cry some more until big brother comes and kisses it and makes it all better.

666 said...

I sure Karl Rove knows something the Democrats don't and that is the concept of "organization."

Of course Rove is talking up the Republican's chances. It ain't over till it's over and they don't want anybody sitting home instead of voting.