Hudson Anti-Education Hopefuls Take Note

What City Pages Says about the new academy leader:

"Bachmann ...... became a prolific speaker and writer on the evils of public education in the years leading up to her failed school board run.

By all accounts, she made herself into a formidable presence. "She's articulate, attractive, and speaks passionately," says Mary Cecconi, who spent eight years on the Stillwater School Board. "Actually, she is ferocious.""


Anonymous said...

So what do all you ATLB'ers think of that? Should we not allow those anti-public education proponents who gan't get elected to the local school to not be allowed to run for a higher office because they don't support public education? It sounds like the kind of crap you'd advocate over on the poor excuse for toilet paper.

comedy writer said...

That's a stupid question. She's running for higher office. Whose going to stop her?
The fact that she lied in the debates is troubling though. She emphatically stated she's a supporter of public education when the most limited examination of her record proves that she isn't.
Maybe our local loosing candidates should run for the U.S. Congress! Go ahead do it.

HEEEEE what a joke.

Cato said...

Bachman is a nut.


truth sayer said...

I doubt that most reasonable people insinuate that she, or anyone else should be prohibited from running for any position that they can legally run for.
The point is, that she, like you are not selling your scheme of education. Your skills at selling this particular product are poor, or as you like to say incompetent.
Frankly, the MAJORITY of people are sick of any type of negative campaigning, and that is what your phylosophy is based on.

CANRAC said...

Anti-Education people in Hudson?? Tell me more!

Heck, the best four years of Luke's life were the third grade.

Luke's 3rd Grade Teacher said...

If you think it's a joke that Luke spent 4 years in the 3rd grade, just read his comment at the top of this page.

CANRAC said...

Notice that the OTBL'ers like to knock the local newspapers, but yet they are sure informed of whats in it after they come out, yet they claim not to read it.

As a matter of fact I think I saw Jack Bauer stuffing Hot Sheet Shoppers in mailboxes over the weekend.

He is right about one thing, newspaer are a poor excuse for toilet paper.

comedy writer said...

Luke, Luke, where are you??
You wanted to know about our crap but then you run and hide away.
Please come and ask another stupid question or grace us with more of your wisdom.
We miss you Luke.

Anonymous said...

Truth sayer:

The MAJORITY of people are lemmings and you are a jerk!

comedy writer said...

Now my feelings are hurt. You responded to truth sayer and left rest of us out.
Could you translate your opening comment into English? Thanks.

"Should we not allow those anti-public education proponents who gan't get elected to the local school to not be allowed to run for a higher office because they don't support public education?"

truth sayer said...

Jerk? Jerk?? jerk??? I'm devastated.
Now my fine Webster defines Lemmings as "Various short tailed rodents": One of Europe noted for recurring mass migrations". Interesting....MMMM....INTERESTING,
SOOOOO as I obsreved on the Hudson Star Observer, some of our favorite egotists, (apparently you or your associates) defamed some good people. I also notice that you are placing yourself higher on the evolutionary scale than the masses??
My presumption, based on these observations....MMMM....are....MMMM, that you just substantiated the justifications for the mass opinion of youuuuu and the borderline few. Frankly, you most likely were looking in a mirror when you made those observations.
Now tell me "Anonymous", how did you sell your brand of elitism to the poooor masses??? Does self alienation wring a bell??
Anominous; "YOU JUST LOST".

H.A.S.A....my lord said...

Anonymous learned a new word! Lemming. Much better than calling us all "sheep" like his rotund southern gent, carpet bagging blow-hard buddy did in the past. At least Lemmings have a goal and are organized. Sheep on the other hand, have not a clue as to why they follow blindly.
I think we are making real progress in the eyes of the 5 people that post on otbl.
Some other commenter once asked what happened to that "new Dawn in education" promissed for New Richmond.
As for Bachman, she is a strong competitor, that is a fact. But doesn't she remind you a Katherine Harris from Florida? EEEEK.

Truth Sayer said...

Didn't Halloween just end?? Oh nooooo I'm soooo frightende. The intimidating five must be roaming the streets again.
Or..... playing with "Duct Tape"....or.....themselves!!

CANRAC said...

Or selling holiday nuts door to door, an OTBL fundraiser to put ammunition in the schools.

OTBL does have two chapters though, a four person in Wisconsin and one person in Illinois who is still asking derelicts if they know anything about forensics.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of nuts, you all need to grow some over on this blog. When you testees finally drop, you all might have something to say.

CANRAC said...

Is that you? My illegitimate cousin Carnac that nobody laughs at or even comments about anymore? Yep, the OTBL'ers really have the big ones, they even try to hide them using names like Jack Bauer.

Thanks for reading, our efforts to covert your way of thinking is obviously working since you keep coming back for more.

Booking agent said...

So Anonymous,

Can we sign you up for Michele's Candidate Academy? I think she has a special focused workshop on Campaign Sign design. " How to paint a tax (penis) I mean Rocket using scrap wood and barn paint".

Air America Subscriber said...


I think you're just a bit envious of this blog, because we have so much fun mixed in with our political debate.
Think of it as a Mensa meeting with fart jokes.

Syd Hartman said...

Why are you wasting your valuable time over here. Don't you have some high school sports updates to post over on OTBL?

Marion said...

You have to get the extra-wide duct tape to cover Michelle's trap.

truth sayer said...

Seriously now; you can't have exchanges/disagreements, or levity, regardless of how caustic (unless it's...what...directed at a public employees, their spouse....or children) on the OTBL blog.
As for the point of the discussion/disagreement; you intentionally promote dis-information through letters in the paper, public statements, and blog posts. You demean the general public, by placing them on the level of rodents. Some of your active users are disruptive in other organizations they are involved in, yet you are offended?
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you are a fallible human being like the rest of us. Yes....if we the masses are rodents (what was it UNITS?)...look in the mirror.......
Ultimately, you have done considerably more damage to your cause. The rodents will ultimately determine what does or doesn't happen in this community, and country

jacobson's woods crier said...

It really comes down to ego.
Anonymous was a distructive force in the beginning. The highlight of his rise to power was the "we can do better" campaign the year the 8-9 building referendum failed huge.
Question is, was it anonymous and his vote no signs, or was it really that the community really did not want an 8-9 building but would have supported a new high school instead? Many people who had the "we can do better" signs in their yards have since said that they wanted a new high school. He attached himself to this defeat as a victory for his cause. Since then, what have we witnessed? Pribonic,Weese and Baker, the standard bearers to his cause have failed. Maybe the "cause never had any steam anyway. The community now sees anonymous as a north hudson curiosity stabbing at windmills.
hundreds of information requests for what? bridges burned for what? community members threatened for what? He says he will never write another letter to the editor and then does for what?
But beware the kinder new anti-public education tactic. Weese wrote into the paper last week and it did not sound like the same person that has insulted our intelligence for the last 5 years. OTBL has been strangely void of almost all the usual attacks against our district or school supporters.
Why? the cat is out of the bag. Even though they use anonymous names, they have found out that everyone in this community does know who they are. they have gone underground. It was posted here that Weese has never had anything good to say about our schools. Wham, he posts otbl under his own name hyping the soccor and track teams. How ironic. When the hard questions are pointed back at them it is thier ego that can't take it.