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Duct tape proves to be the best wart remedy

Pioneer Press

The Duct Tape Guys — and maybe your grandma — have been touting the benefits of tape as a wart remover for years. Well, it doesn't seem so far-fetched now.

A soon-to-be-published study conducted at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Minneapolis provides confirmation duct tape works just as well as over-the-counter therapies. Other research found duct tape worked better than traditional wart removers or placebos. "It's the universal panacea," says Tim Nyberg, half of the Duct Tape Guys duo.

Dr. Rachel Wenner used a mere $5,000 from the Minnesota Medical Foundation to compare Dr. Scholl's and 3M's transparent duct tape. The study will be published in a coming issue of Archives of Dermatology.

There are a variety of cures for warts, from self-help gels and pads to medical procedures like cryotherapy, or freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen. The familiar all-purpose household tape has been used as a home remedy for half a century.

After spending thousands of dollars on wart therapy, Paulo P. found a cheap roll of Duck Tape® did the trick. He sent his story to the Duct Tape Guys Web site.

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