Fearing one-party rule, business owners fund ads against Hatch

In Minnesota, "Republican whores" unionize
(I couldn't help but note the hypocrisy of the Republican-dominate big business group, as they join together and dump tons of money into the Minnesota GOP races to stop the possibility of having the Democrats in control of all three branches of government. Have I missed it, our have the big business men been clamouring about the evils of one-party government since President Bush took office. Do you think we'll see a couple of ads with Chairman Mao meeting with Mike Hatch? I suppose it must be scary for the party of the FEW losing control to the party of the MANY. Below is an interesting story discussing what a group of Minnesota's big business men are doing to try and stop what they fear. )

The spark that lit the fuse for Attorney General Mike Hatch's stormy confrontations with reporters this week was the intervention of a new independent political group in the governor's race--funded by top Minnesota business owners, including Stanley Hubbard of Hubbard Broadcasting.
Leaders and contributors to A Stronger America-Minnesota say they were motivated late in the campaign by fears of a DFL sweep and one-party rule of state government under an unusually aggressive populist governor, who they believe would be bad for business.

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Greed Market Economist said...

I'm willing to bet that the CEO of United Health Care who recieved over 1.5 Billion with a big "B" dollars in stock option compensation, just might be one of those Big Business contributors.
Is it any wonder we can't "afford" affordable healtcare for working families when a single CEO can pocket sums of money like this for himself?
The latest poll show Hatch ahead by 5% . No wonder they're digging into the sleeze ad fund.

666 said...

Do you get the feeling the wheels are coming of the Republican greed wagon? Think about it. They've had Mark Foley hitting on underage boys who come to Washington for the opportunity of a lifetime. Now out in Colorado there's Ted Haggard robbing Paul to pay his Peter. A pusher for the anti-gay amendment in Colorado hiring gay sex and snorting meth. That's got to be putting a dent in their support from the God "G" of the the guns, gays and God song that holds the Republican business men in power.

On the gun "G," I've been getting anti-Kerry Kttel fliers from the NRA questioning what he's trying to hide because he didn't fill out their questionnaire. They rated him a "?" not an "F." When are the NRA members going to realize they too are supporting a few greed heads trying to prop up sagging gun and ammo sales for the big arms manufacturers.