Pararnormal investigators verify OTBL "Not Normal"

Independent paranormal investigators Bull-Busters of Martel, WI released the findings on their query into the online Non-Funhouse commonly referred to as Ontheborderline.nut. Using the latest in Junk Science technology, Bull-Busters discovered readings as high as 9.8 - 24 Giga-Zietos, an unprecedented un-normal reading. Ontheborderline junkscience editor Dr. Bil Max Donttreadonme was quoted as saying. "We believe the most casual observer could discern, even without all this Junk Science technology, that the Ontheborderline bloggers possess and uncanny and uncommon insight into to geopolitical and socio-economics machinations of the present day blogoshere."
Spokespersons for Bull-Busters when asked to comment on the OTBL assertion simply repled.
"We stand by our findings"

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