John Binkowski Takes On Both Big Money Parties

I just got through listening to the MPR debate with Wetterling, Bachmann and Binkowski.
Two of the candidates did the typical tap dancing around extrodinarly well formulated questioning by moderator Kerri Miller of MPR, and then there was John Binkowski, a witty, smart, intelligent candidate who has little chance of winning, but answered questions in amazingly straight forward , solution driven manner. Whether you're a Liberal or Conservative , you can't help but like this guy. Free of the baggage of the smutty ads his opponents and their repective national committees are running, he can legitimately slam them both as merchants of sleeze and do so without being nasty toward either in a personal way. Maybe it's time to give people like John a chance and end the senseless partisan bickering and start tackling some issues. When asked to choose one word to decribe his opponents, John replied, "lovely".

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