Max Fill's Many Coats of One Color at 11 AM

This week Max examines how racist rethoric strengths the community through isolation, intimidation and ignorance.

In the first segment, we hear Dennis Miller explain that if you are on a plane or waiting to board a plane and not watching for radical rag heads, “you are swimming so far upstream against the basic human wiring of common sense and survival instincts that if one could just capture the contrary energy, the synaptic maelstrom going on inside their feverish brainwashed nonjudgemental little skull you could power the massive tubines of the very 757 you’re flying on…”

In the second half of the show, Max demonstrates that only White people have feelings.

Tune in tomorrow when Max makes fun of the handicapped and terminally ill.

Remember, Jesus loves everyone, but He loves White people the best and White Protestants even more than Catholics and Evangelical White Protestants even more than Methodist Protestants from the northern sections of the United States.


Kalvyn Clean said...

Geez, this is in bad taste - even for you guys.

off the wire said...


You are sugarcoating it when you say it is in bad taste. It's disgusting! However, I think it makes a valid point about a certain White is right attitude that is often (and currently) played up on a certain local blog.

I've always felt that it's a dangerous thing to hide racism and keep it out of sight. Free speech is very important and needs to be protect. Exposing the extremes of free speech that echo the hatred and prejudice in our society is paramount.

I find this American Racist video totally disgusting and repulsive and I hope you do to. This is the kind of crap that litters the blogosphere landscape and it's an important learning experience to see and understand what kind of people are out there.

I might be full of shit and have my head up my ass on this one, but this ain't FOX News or Reading Rainbow.

Happy Ending said...

The most amazing thing about the Amazing Racist, is that he hasn't gotten his ass blown off with a 9mm.
I'll be tuning in for the episode when he visits South Chicago or N. Minneapolis I think that one will be action packed.