CAR NUT answers all questions...ad nauseum.

(Note, just because I'm a know-it-all do nothing doesn't mean I have countless hours to answer your stupid questions. I do have to take my dog out for a poop, although he's embarrassed to be seen with me. But then again, he's a socialist scum dog who has contributed even less to the family unit than me. And I'm jealous of him for getting away with that. With that in mind, I'll spare giving you the turd degree and move on to the question at hand.)

Q: Who is Mark Steyn?

(The above picture is of Mark Steyn trying to rally the base at his reform school reunion.)

A: In the big ugly picture, there are pimples on your butt, e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Clouter, and then there's the actual asshole and that would by Mark Steyn. Put another way, there's scum, e.g., Limbuagh, Hannity, Clouter, and then there's the pond and that would be Steyn. While Limbaugh, Hannity and Clouter might make a socialist comment about the way Mother Thereas dressed, Steyn would actually push her down on a Bombay street and hold her face in a puddle fo despair.

In the cozy hot tube of conservative punditry, there are lines of demarcation that are rarely, if ever, crossed. Respectable commentators such as Paul Gigot, George Will, and David Brooks work for respectable outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. When they appear on television or radio, they carry that aura of respectability with them. Right-wing carny barkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, on the other hand, play it strictly for laughs, even when they swear they’re not. And even though the Gigots and Wills and Brookses of the world may often agree with the freak-show politics of talk radio and the Fox News Channel, they would never sully their reputations by actually taking part.

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Light Bulb said...

Ohhhhh. THAT Marc Steyn. Of course - I should have known.

Now we finally know who OTBL Admin Chris fantasized about talking to.

Let's hope that Chris lets us in on more of his hallucinations and fantasies.


Better Homes and Gardens said...

Don't be blue light bulb.

The HSO is full of delusionaries who suffer from the collective hallucination that they "Can Do Better".

HEEEE HOOOOOOO I'm laughing me arse off!

I can't Steyn's No More said...

More Seyn endorsments:

The arrogance of Mark Steyn knows no bounds

Prince Turki al-Faisal

Saudi Ambassador to the United States

Dangerous Idiot Of The Week

The New Statesman (United Kingdom)

The leaden humorist Mark Steyn

Paul Bailey

The Sunday Times (United Kingdom)

It's wonderful to find a Canadian warmonger, isn't it?

Chris Patten

European Union Commissioner for External Affairs

Our treatment plants will always be ready to receive the literary outpourings emanating from his most humane soil.

Ghazi Algosaibi

Minister of Water and Sewage, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mark Steyn, Conrad Black's leftover attack dog

Peter Preston

The Observer (United Kingdom)

Canada's own Mystic Mogg, Mark Steyn. The champion stage-door-Johnny of the Broadway musical scene, whose forays into the geopolitical uplands remind us why Rodgers, Hart and Hammerstein so seldom tried their luck at comment journalism...

Matthew Norman

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

The poisonous language of a columnist by the name of Mark Steyn…

Lewis H Lapham

Harper’s (United States)

This column of bigotry, homophobia and racism... typical of the slick, degrading, immoral rubbish which is being propounded every Monday in that newspaper. It is an example of the degraded level to which we are falling.

Michael D Higgins, TD for Galway West
speaking in the Irish Parliament

Someone apparently lost control of the steering wheel and included a strange screed by a Mark Steyn, who is billed as a columnist for Britain’s Daily Telegraph. The National Review should be ashamed of itself.

William German

The San Francisco Chronicle

If Steyn is even remotely right in his predictions, two bad things will happen. First, he will become even more insufferable than he is now…

David McKie

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

Anxiety was provoked in the introduction to this piece, "This is his first Irish Times column." Please God it will also be his last.

Sheena Walsh McMahon

Bray, Ireland

I am e-mailing you to beg you to renounce your Canadian citizenship.

Lesia Dickson