OTBL Fact Finders Return from Kazackstan

The results of the OTBL Anti- Education fact finding committee's Kazackstani tour
to discover new school cost cutting measures was released today.
Here are some highlights of the report.

1. The committee found the proposal to return to the one room school house as
overly overly wastful of taxpayer money. The major design flaw was the woodburing pot belly
stove being too costly to fuel. The committee entertained the possibility of this design
if the heating stoves were fueled with lower cost cow dung.

2. The committee proposed selling the naming rights of any new school to the highest bidder. So far only the future St. Croix Meadows Casino has made offer which the committee thought worthy of consideration.

3. Adaquate ventilation. The committee discovered that using sub standard building materials
not only saved on construction costs, but also eliminated the need for a costly
air exchange system. The committe agreed, duck tape would be the building material of choice.

4. The committee proposed that the topic would require more study ( like about 15 years more )
to further develop more and better cost cutting measures. In the mean time the committee
urged voters to vot NO, of the upcoming referrendum to enable the Otbl Cooncerned citizens
to adaquately develop a fiscally sound plan for a new school without any taxpayer money
used for it's construction.


Mayor Jack said...

Hey you Photo Shoppers, that ain't the dog track. That looks like the high school. Get your facts straight.

local Republican leader said...

I think this is a wonderful example of how we can save taxpayer money, by building more efficient one room school houses. Let's teach those tax and spend teachers a lesson and vote "NO". That will make them sick and at least we'll get our money's worth from their Cadillac health care. If we're lucky even the teacher spouses will get sick too.

Kowboy Kurt said...

Loco Republicker:

So that only way society works for you is if it's a sick society. Now I see clearly. I think it's time to go out to the garage and polish my golf bag...if you know what I mean.