CAR NUT answers all questions...correctly

(Note: I'll answer the damn questions correctly, if you damn idiots would ask them correctly. What the hell do you think I am? I frigging mind reader with a built in spell-check option.)

Q: Who is Marc Stien?

(After a tip from a reader, I realized the March Stien they were talking about referred to the one the OTBL blog did a satirical interview with on their blog. For those who have staggered over there for a "hit" of intellectual enlightenment -- thank gosh (no swearing) for short-term memory loss -- you will already be familiar with the the funny -- peculiar not ha-ha -- interview. To remind you, I've include a picture from the OTBL voodoo math factory that was in-farce today in the HSO letter to the editor section. I always thought I was something that I was smoking that made my think the Three Stooges have been famous ballet dancers. Today I read a turd pile of letters from the OTBL voodoo mathematicians that made me realize the Three Stooges were actually rithmetic practitioners living right here in the valley.)

A: Marc Stein was a Ph.D. student at Penn in History (1989-1994). Since then he has had a fascinating and busy career as a queer academic, teaching and writing about sex, gender, sexuality, and history, and how they are all intertwined. He currently teaches at York University in Toronto, Canada, and is working, along with a few colleagues, toward creating what he calls a "sex, gender, and sexuality studies programme" there, as well as on a new book. Stein also chairs the Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, an affiliate of the American Historical Society, for which he recently completed a survey of academics who wrote or are writing their Ph.D. dissertations on LGBTQ history. The results were published in Perspectives, the newsletter for the American Historical Society.

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(Note: I just want to double remind you dear -- an I don't mean that in a solicitous way -- that this is a family blog that doesn't tolerate swear words. Too much swearing makes me so mad that my hair implants start popping out like the rib-its in the submarine in Das Boot. That ain't pretty and I ain't pretty, so don't get know ideas from my sailor analogies.)


Chris said...

Программа партии "Gay Aryan National-Socialists"

Язычество, гомосексуализмЪ, национализмЪ – вотЪ что спасетЪ МирЪ!

МирЪ на трагическомЪ перепутье. НынешнийЪ правящийЪ режимЪ (ЗОГЪ – сионистское оккупационное правительство) обманомЪ и насилиемЪ пытается уничтожить БелыхЪ ЛюдейЪ. Это путь национальнойЪ катастрофы, ведущийЪ к гибели БелойЪ Цивилизации.

Миру грозитЪ превращение в жидовскийЪ концлагерь. ОнЪ охваченЪ жестокимЪ системнымЪ кризисомЪ. До невиданно низкого уровня упала мораль и нравственность и продолжает падать. Целенаправленно уничтожается генофондЪ БелойЪ Расы. Сокращается численность Белого населения, усиливаются процессы его загрязнения чужероднойЪ кровью. Возникли и стремительно углубляются противоречия между БелымЪ населением и инородцами, загрязняющими нашЪ генофондЪ и попирающими законы и традиции БелойЪ Расы. Среди БелыхЪ людейЪ все сильнее растетЪ сопротивление правящему оккупационному режиму. Организуются и сплачиваются националЪ-социалистические, white power силы, силы социального и национального освобождения.


CANRAC said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

mikhail ivanovich said...

So Chris,

What's with that Russian Server of your's ehh? I'm guessing it's a Russian Capitalist Spam machine to help you line your free market pockets. Could I be right?

Beer Steyn said...

Finally, I discovered a Mark Steyn that fits the OTBL jello mold.


Now, if you were so proud to interview someone, or even make up mock interview with someone you felt lent credibility to your cause, wouldn't you take the time to spell his name right?
Not so over on the borderline schizophrenia blog.

Here's another reason we should all give credence to this man's opinion,
His stellar credentials.

"Steyn was born in Toronto, educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham, England, but dropped out of education at 16 and returned to Canada to work as a disc jockey."

Anonymous said...

Why is Chris giving directions on getting a mail order bride on this blog?