Psychic Predictions For 2007 Only $19.95

Psychic demographer Hazel "31 Flavors" Reinhardt made the following predictions for St. Croix County in 2007:

1. Skunk, rat and meese population: Down 78%.

2. Holiday pot demand: Up 95%.

3. Elementary schools in Hudson: Up 20%.

4. No voters: Down 89%.

5. Yes voters: Up 92%.

6. Hits on OTBL: Down 72%.

7. Hits on ATBL: Up 77%.

If you order before December 12, we will throw in an assortment of Borderline nuts just in time for the holidays.


Hazel said...

Bonus Prediction:

Progressives: Up 98%

Regressives: Down & Out.

Anonymous said...
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CANRAC said...

Hey Anonymous, give the "no" faction some more credibility here. You obviously went to a one room school and got picked on alot.

Great retort, your a classy type. If it's down to this your defeated and you know it. I'll probably still vote no despite my fear of being associated with your bunch of nuts.

Kalvyn Clean said...

More bonus predictions:

Hudson school taxes: up 50%

Wasted money by Hudson school board: up 100%

hyperbole Plus said...


Go See Dr. Phil if you've got the Yugo Health Plan.
You've got your head up your ass!

School taxes up 50% what a fool!

Kalvyn Clean said...

Sorry, my mistake. That should have read:

Hudson school taxes: up 100%

Wasted money by Hudson school board: up 200%

CANRAC said...

Funny deal here, I have yet to read one bit of information claiming that any home is up for sale or endanger of foreclosure due to rising property taxes. You absolutely don't here it, its all about ARMS maturing and people borrowing too much when they bought or getting in over their heads.

Hey Kalvyn, I say there is a 100% chance there will be sore losers after the referendum who will threaten to move but won't.

hyperbole Plus said...


Your condition is worsening....

Now you have your head AND shoulders up your ass.