Ruby Don't Bring Your Ethics To Madtown

Perk awaits convicted legislators
Unused sick days can buy health care in retirement

MADISON - Six legislators convicted of corruption are still eligible for nearly $300,000 in free health care when they retire.

Former assembly speaker Scott Jensen can cash in an insurance credit worth more than $71,000, while former senate majority leader Chuck Chvala, former senator Gary George and former assembly majority leader Steven Foti are all eligible for about $60,000 in health insurance when they retire.

Health care on tap for Legislature

With this week’s revelation that state lawmakers are able to convert unused sick days into tens of thousands of dollars in health benefits, health-care reform will be a prominent part of state lawmakers’ agendas as the next session begins in January.

Judge orders Jensen, Foti to reimburse taxpayers

MADISON, Wis. - Former Republican Assembly leaders Scott Jensen and Steven Foti have been ordered by a judge to reimburse taxpayers for salaries and fringe benefits of Capitol aides who they had campaign on state time.

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