CAR NUT answers the questions...

Q: Who the hell is Mark Stein?

A: Founder of Vanilla Fudge

(Note: If you are old enough to have joined the Record Club of America and got 12 LPs for free to join, you may have actually owned a Vinilla Fudge LP. If you're a really old fart like Andy Rand, you probably paid full price for VF. I believe they where one of America's first attempts at commercial heavy metal. If you were a Cactus fan, you will know that Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice were founding members of that damn good heavy metal band of the very early 1970s. After Cactus beat each other up and tried to bring too many drugs into Cleveland, Bogart and Appice joined with Jeck Beck to form Beck, Bogert and Appice which had a couple of good LPs. As far as the worth of Vanilla Fuge, I think they were too boring for the street drugs available at the time. A close acquaintance of mine, saw Led Zepplin open for Vanilla Fudge in Denver in Zeps first US tour and saw Vanilla Fudge get blown off the stage. Zep left the tour shortly and went on the fame, fortune and a much higher quality of street drugs. Thanks for asking.)


CANRAC said...

You just keep me hangin on.

Set me free, why doncha please

How about Mark Stien or did the non-government school advocate make a spelling boo-boo?

AndyRand said...

Really old Fart says:

"I even saw Vanilla Fudge in 1968."

But I'll bet there at least one OTBLer who saw Al Jolsen live!