WOTBL TV Saturday LIbertarian Movie Classic

The uncut version of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead


Fat Jon said...

Haw! Beatsa SH!T outta that 1949 S&M suckfest starring Coop & Patricia Neal (King Vidor musta had turistas to poop that one out.)

See? Hot pie cinema can be made from Rand's turgid, rancid stinkbombs. She shoulda hooked up with Ed Wood. They'da been the King & Queen of classic dialogue.

Cato said...

The part where the pie comes out of nowhere I really don't understand as a criticism. I understand the part that the person would destroy what they have rather than allow others to steal it, but where it just appears... the buildings in The Fountainhead did not magically reappear. Roark did destroy what was his because others made a mockery of it but I don't recall any magic happening.