The Official Drink Of Borderline Bloggers

Sung to the music of ‘Let it Snow’

A duct taped mouth brought them fame
The neighbors know their light night game
Looking through another's window
A peeking we go a peeking we go

The community knows those whiffs of stink
When Snoopy's Kowboy pretends to think
From gutter to sewer he sinks we know
Let him go let him go

A borderline blog's credibility is dying
Their cup runneth over with whining
A fart in the hurricane as we all know
Say it ain't so say it ain't so

Socialists know loving another is grand
Free marketers prefer their own hand
On sterile ground seeds they sow
Let them eat crow like them eat crow


Oscar said...


But I like my version better...


666 said...

Your's is much better. It follows that original version much truer to form. There are so many ways to peel an onion.