She's Back!!! With a New Teammate--

Ann Coulter is stunned. How is it, she asks, that she could go through 12 years of public school, then college and law school, and still not know that it was Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution that fueled Hitler’s ovens.

Coulter is among those who appear on Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, a disturbing look at the historical impact of the theory of evolution and the shaky scientific ground on which it rests.
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Ann's new Teamate: D. James Kennedy- Tele-Evangelist.

“To put it simply, no Darwin, no Hitler,” said Dr. Kennedy, the host of Darwin’s Deadly Legacy. “Hitler tried to speed up evolution, to help it along, and millions suffered and died in unspeakable ways because of it.”
D. James Kennedy.

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Holy Moses said...

I know I shouldn't judge, but I wouldn't want to share a pew with these two.

Patriot said...

Of course Hitler was drawing on his twisted notions of natural selection in trying to breed the aryan superior race. Thank God for people like Ann Coulter who are brave enough to state the obvious. So what is your counterargument?? You just post a photo of Ms. Coulter with a swastika on her forehead! Very intellectual argument. Please. She is not a Nazi. She is speaking out against the present day facists who would gladly destroy this country - with your help

Your blog and your so-called arguments are just typical marxist claptrap. You benefit from strong willed patriots who keep you safe from terrorism while spreading your marxist propoganda to undermine them. You should be ashamed.

I thank God every day that you lilly livered socialists have not been in charge of keeping Americans safe in the last five years. The UN would have my guns and Teddy Kennedy would be handing over the keys to the French.

God Bless America. And thank you Ann Coulter.

Watchdog Watcher said...

Dear Patriot,

Thank you for your comments. I only have one thing to say in reply.

I can't think of anybody who exudes the love of Jesus more that Ann Coulter.

Act Like a Christian not Ann Coulter said...

So what is your counterargument??

Here's one for starters.

Director, National Human Genome Research Institute

I see no conflict in what the Bible tells me about God and what science tells me about nature. Like St. Augustine in A.D. 400, I do not find the wording of Genesis 1 and 2 to suggest a scientific textbook but a powerful and poetic description of God's intentions in creating the universe. The mechanism of creation is left unspecified. If God, who is all powerful and who is not limited by space and time, chose to use the mechanism of evolution to create you and me, who are we to say that wasn't an absolutely elegant plan? And if God has now given us the intelligence and the opportunity to discover his methods, that is something to celebrate.

I lead the Human Genome Project, which has now revealed all of the 3 billion letters of our own DNA instruction book. I am also a Christian. For me scientific discovery is also an occasion of worship.

Patriot said...

Why do I even bother? Talking to a liberal is like hitting someone on the head with a hammer and not making a dent. Your thick skulls just don't get it.

I'm a good Christian and I believe in evolution, but that is not the point. Good for the genome doctor. Have at it. I could care less.

But liberals take everything and turn it into a political cause for the looney left, while the real world marches on without you. While you spend your waking hours defending gays and baby killers, real work needs to be done for Americans.

You appease dictators. And you would provide our military with sticks and stones if you had your way.

People like Ann Coulter see liberals for what they are, and she speaks out against their cowardice and lack of patriotism. You counter by calling her a Nazi. Nice touch.

Maybe you want the Middle East to become a cauldron of American hating fundamentalist terrorists armed with nuclear weapons, but I don't.

You just don't get it and you never will. Red blooded Americans have carried the burden for the hippies for as long as I can remember, and I pray to God they will have the fortitude to keep on doing so as long as I'm around.

This is America, marxist liberal hippie. Love it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Parrott:

About that "lilly livered socialists" comment, you forget frog-faced, lip-lizard, alfalfa-faced hussy.

I was just drinking beer tonight with a guy who volunteered for three tours of duty in Vietnam and he thinks the facist shit being spewed by the likes of Rumsfelt and Dick Deferment Cheney is an insult to his service to his country.

patriot said...

Hey Anonymous:

You talk pretty big for someone who just drinks beer with a soldier. Where were you when the bullets were flying in Nam? Home safe in bed, because of his sacrifice? Did you bother to thank him?

Hey, does drinking beer with a soldier make you an expert on foreign affairs? Does it keep Americans safe in their beds at night? Hey, did you toke a joint on the way out of the bar?

I salute the sacrifice of your friend but think he may have suffered a little battle fatigue, which you hippie liberals have twisted into post-traumatic stress disorder. No doubt he got a dose of blowin' in the wind brainwashing from the likes of you.

You just don't get it. It's statesmen like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush who watch the backs the brave soldiers in the battlefield and keep us safe at home. Your appeasement of the enemy and love of terrorist sympethizers disgusts me. Some day you will wake up and be ashamed of yourself.

Cut your hair and get a job, hippie.

End of story.

Anonymous said...


Cut my hair and get a job? I'm bald and have a job. Of course, the way Bush is running the show, I will soon need two jobs.

While the bullets where flying in Vietnam, I was in high school listening to Ted Nugent records and reading artciles about how Ted dodged the draft by taking speed and crapping his pants before his physical.

Now today, Ted a long haired chickenhawk. Is it ok to let my hair grown out and stick without job, if I say I believe that Bush is the greatest, smartest president ever and we should nuke Iran?

You haven't mentioned your service record.

patriot said...

I wouldn't speak poorly of Mr. Nugent if I were you. He has done more in one day to protect my constitutional rights than you have done in your whole pinko marxist life of stocking shelves at Wal Mart.

I don't care if you are bald of if you have lice infested hair down to your butt. The fact is that, in my day, high school kids were lying about their age to get into the military to fight Hitler and Hirohito. They didn't just sit around listing to music like you hippies, hoping someone else would fight for their country.

If President Bush decides to push the big red button on Iran, I'll be right behind him. I'll put on my old uniform and serve my commander in chief (while you can make sure the shelves at Wal Mart are still stocked with cat toys).

As for my military service, I am proud to say that I served honorably during the last real American War: WW2.

I was an Air Raid Warden in Hudson, Wisconsin. I am proud to say that there was not one death or injury to a Hudson citizen from Axis bombs during my watch.

To prove my point, here is a photo of me and my buddy. I'm the one on the left:


Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Prospect Park Patriot said...


I'd often wondered why were never attacked in Hudson, now I know it was because of your proud service. If Ann Coulter lived in Hudson during WWII or was even alive then or when Joe McCarthy was doin his good work hunting down Socialist scum like those who post on this blog, I'm sure she'd put the story of your heroism in one of her books.
God Bless YOU and God Bless the OTLB Freedom Fighters in Hudson!!!!

Rough Rider said...


I stand corrected. I think those were your condom wrappers up in Prospect Park by Snilas Snell's grave. I suppose you were filling them with hot air and using them for weather balloons.

I my high school, we were beating up pinko Wobblies, wearing racoon skin coats and lying about our parents' age so we could get in the Great War.

Pass the mirror and keep you lines straight.

Patriot said...

No problem, Meatheads.

Archie Bunker

Monty said...


The red meathead to you, you veggan cream puff and wiper of other people's bottoms.

Prospect Park Patriot said...


Your not man enough to wipe the Patriot's bottom but Ann Coulter is. If it weren't for people like Patriot and Big Ann the Fat Boy would have dropped right on the Hudson Marina, like Pearl Harbor all over again.

I'm going out to buy some of Ann's books and give 'em to the government school's liberry so they can teach the kids to grow up Right.

Cato said...

Some pretty funny stuff in here.

I read her book Slander. It was okay. I started to read Treason and then just realized her schtick is "I'm going to be as outrageous as possible!"

She is highly educated and highly intellegent. I do not deny it. But she has a rather vile tongue and, in conjunction with some very stupid beliefs of hers (including a disbelief in the fact of evolution) she can say some very moronic things.

Calm intellectual discussion is far more interesting than this rabble coming from her. Want to read a conservative columnist? Try George Will. Or heck, Pat Buchannnan. Both can be funny, and Pat can be mean but at least he doesn't act like a rube, like Ann does to make money.

Cato said...

Strike the comma after "rube."


AndyRand said...

You are pretty much on the money here CATO!.Buchanan may have nailed our current immigration woes years ago when he we being accused of being a racist. Will can be interesting but a bit too dry. At least he likes baseball.
Ann Coulter is more interested in creating controversy to sell books. Personally,I can't stand the woman with a passion.
Why this conservative religious leader would include her in his media projects us beyond me, unless he has the same desire to sell books.

Cato said...

Yes I assume he wants to sell books but also to spread his message. He probabbly believes he is doing "God's work" by telling people to deny facts like evolution. Evolution is both fact and theory; the theory of evolution by natural selection is but one theory (there are others that all play part of this, such as evolution by sexual selection that leads to outrageous plumage in birds of paradise and things of that nature) that describes the undeniable fact of evolution. How any rational person could believe that it is false is beyond me.

30 years ago do you think she would have been a member of the International Flat Earth Society? I'm sure because it's so outrageous she'd be sure to sell more books.

AndyRand said...

Actually what he believes is much more ridiculous. He believes that Columbine happened because public schools teach evolution.
Actually, he's your De Facto ally in calling for the demise of public education.
Ann Coulter believes that Darwin caused the Holocaust. I can't believe any intellegent human being would buy one of her books. She's a mutant opportunist.

jpn said...


Evolution is a combination of fact and theory. The same would hold true for free-market economics. Correct?

Cato said...

It's not a "combination," it is both. The theory describes the fact.

"It happens and this is why we think it does, although we could be wrong. But that does not detract from the fact it happens."

Andy, so-called "social-darwinism" was part of the Holocaust (there was plenty of propoganda showing Jews lower than apes and things of that nature). Darwin didn't create social darwinism though. But that was all just a bunch of bull to try to "justify" it. The Jews wre scapgoated for a number of reasons, including their banking (as usury used to be considered immoral for Christians, and it IS wrong if you ask me...) and the fact that a Jew was the one in charge of Germany at the time of the Versialle treaty, among other things. While Darwin was not the cause social darwinism was a contributing factor.

AndyRand said...

It was my understanding that Darwin did not publish some of his findings because he realized many of it's implications and wrestled with them.

To be honest, your probably has merit. But I think the D.James Kennedy's and Ann Coulter's exaggerate the implications for their own ends. And end that you share, the elimination of public ed.
(as an aside, I just saw another Charter School corruption case in MN recently)
They are using this as a propaganda tool. To blame Columbine and the personal acts to 2 troubled high schoolers on Darwin, is a looooong stretch.

As for us usury. I'm not sure if you're saying usury is wrong or scapgoating the Jews was wrong.
As for usury, we used to have laws against it until 21% credit cards came along. I'd like to see that law reinstated. I'm not even sure loan sharks make that rate of return.

AndyRand said...

I meant he Darwin held back what he eventually published.

Cato said...

Usury is wrong but it is the foundation of our debt-money system of banking. "FDIC Insured" means they can legally lend out 10x the amount of money they have, which in turn only a small amount the Orwellian-named "Federal Reserve" has on reserve. It isn't wrong to lend out money you have to make money on it. It's lending out imaginary money to make money off of nothing that is usury and is wrong... but that's all neither here nor there.

Darwin did not forsee people taking what he observed in nature and perverting it to this social-darwinist view that the inferior need to be eliminated. It was here in the United States with forced sterilizations, in England with tax benefits for "desierables" to procreate, in Germany with mass exterminations.

AndyRand said...

I'd have guessed that you'd be in favor of "Social Darwinism". Not in the Hitler sense, but in the economic sense? Wouldn't that minimize the social ballast?

Cato said...

I am not for exterminating people but you are right that I am not in favor of wealth redsitribution. "Social-darwinism" implies government forcing something or another though as it has been used throughout its history, and I am not a fan.

666 said...


Do you think you'd be less of a fan of "social darwinsim" and more in favor of resdistrbuting wealth, if you could only afford to ride public transit systems and had to supplement you low-paid existence with via government welfare programs.

AndyRand said...


Why do you inject a negative influence of government into everything. The type of "Social Darwinism" I'm referring to is much more akin to lazaisse Faire economics than a government extermination program.
If we're talking about the survival of the economic fittest I see no implication of any government intervention.
I think this kind of policy would fit you world view and cut down on that nasty social ballast.
(Actually, I think I did see one social ballaster on the I-94 ramp with a sign claiming to play Gameboy for food ).

Cato said...

I'm sorry you need to phrase that in the form of a question, or something.

AndyRand said...

Why do you inject a negative influence of government into everything?
Is that better????????????????????????????????

Cato said...

Yes andy I am not a fan of redistribution of wealth. The costilest war in American history has no end in sight and has not helped.

Cato said...

Andy I was not addressing you; see the timestamp I do not type that fast.

AndyRand said...

Sorry CATO:
I couldn't resist the chance to attempt to inject some of my sick humor.
Did you happen the see the Gameboy for food guy on I-94???????

Cato said...

No, no I did not. Perhaps he should get a job.

AndyRand said...


He was dressed awfully well to be asking to "Gameboy" for food.
What bugs me about guys like this is that if there were someone really stranded and needing help, people would hesitate all the more to help.
Sometimes situations where people are really desperate come up. Clowns like this one do no good for anyone!

A while ago I also saw a "stranded"
"vet" who looked the part a lot better. I think he was "stranded" at the Hudson exit for 3 or 4 days.
They both needed to get a job!

Norseman said...

Hay patriot;
I'd presume that you would consider me to be a socialist, yet I've looked down the wrong end of a gun more than a few times, lost friends defending this country, and have put myself on the front line. Have you had some one die in your arms?? I have, and one thing I've learned in my time is that all people die the same way, and it's not pretty. Many of those people would not share your views about Ann Coulter and her Gnostic views of the world. Yet she has a right in this country to her opinions, as we ALL do.

JPN said...

Patriot worries about the "intellectual agurment" involving the swastika on Ann Clouter's head. P may not be paying attention to notice that there are very few intellectual arguments gaining ground in today's political debate.

I defend Ann louter's right to preach her hate and I defend the poster's right to slap of swastika on her forehead. It's a statement with effect. I also defend the right of neo-Nazi's to march in Madison or anywhere else. I want them out in the public where people know this kind of hate is bubbling. I don't want their darkness covered by the basket of group ignorance.
Open discussions of whatever issues get posted on here, are why this blog got started. Unlike our neighborhood blog -- OTBL -- we don't require your phone number and send you e-mail address to other blog members and pretend you are an anonymous poster with a hood name.