Blowin' Smoke On The Borderline

"Ahh, motive. There are those who now have to live lives of desperation. There are those who in the past who had unfettered and considerable influence with very little accountability. There are those who think they can get away with virtually anything they please. There are those who believe that the outcomes are more important than the ethics of how they got there.

The changing of the guards to accountability, transparency, ethics, and absolution is slowly taking over and leading the old guard to suffer in desperation. They just can’t help themselves and the longer accountability is the victor; the more desperate the acts of the old guard will manifest themselves."



perry mason said...


I see that Chris wrote this comment on OTBL in response to OTBL Columbo's continuing game of 20 questions to identify the writer of the Willie threat letter.

So, if Columbo is so sure about who wrote the letter, why doesn't he quit fooling around and just blurt out a name?

Heyyyyy. You don't suppose it's because Columbo realizes that the minute an OTBL'er blurts out the name of a private citizen (that is, claiming that this citizen committed a felony) that OTBL Admin Chris is going to get slapped with a libel lawsuit? And you don't suppose Columbo knows that the foolish blogger who spits out the name will also get sued (since OTBL Admin Chris will be required by the judge to disclose the name of the anonymous blogger)?

Heyyyyy. You mean that Columbo is playing this game just to con one of his fellow OTBL'ers into blurting out a name, while Columbo sits in safety? You mean that Columbo is putting OTBL Admin Chris and a fellow blogger at risk for a lawsuit?

That's cold, man. That's really cold.

Well, let's see who's stupid enough to fall for it.

Greyhound said...

Now that OTBL has failed miserably in
New Richmond, they've come back to there own backyard playground to practice the "Art of Bullying".
Someone quick get them a bus to Fall Creek they have "friends" to harass there.

Anonymous said...

I curious how the OTBL's expert witnesses would stand in court. MMMM perhaps the Atlanta court system could answer that???
The point is Columbo thinks he/she has the answers, but is to incompetent to recognize that all the points made are fabrications, or simply B.S.

gag me with a spoon said...

Plus Columbo's only finding point that fits the OTBL agenda..What a joke.

No Clue said...

I still say it was:

Colonel Dratsum, in the Billiard Room, with the Wrench.

CANRAC said...

What I absolutely don't understand is WHO CARES??? Its not like an elected or appointed offical has never gotten a threat phone call or letter? It seems bags of dog excrement left on porches are occurring in New Richmond now. Maybe they should send that to a forensics expert?

In answer to the court question. Photocopies aren't going to cut it, the testimony of OTBL boobs or the boobs they hire aren't going to cut it either.

Ironside said...

Well, it seems that Columbo's little detective game to unmask the Willi letter author has ground to a halt.

Why is that?

I think it's because the players got tired of Columbo leading them to a name, but then Columbo was too frightened to come out with the name he is thinking of. He wanted someone else to do it - not him. (Doesn't want a libel suit against him, you know.)

Not much of a game Columbo.

You lose.

Dick Traceme said...

Maybe Luke and Carnac and the Columbo wannabe will apply for the police chief opening in Hudson.