Fear Monger Politics

Fat Boy: When I saw this I could help but post it here!!!
My sentiments exactly.

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AndyRand said...

By coincidence,the St. Paul Pioneer Press front page has some interesting info. relating to this cartoon.

Anonymous said...


What was that law you mentioned awhile back about mentioning the NAZIs or Hitler in an argument?

Cato said...

Goodwin's Law postulates that the longer a thread the probability approaches one that someone will reduce the argument to the terms of "Hitler" or "Nazi."

Typically if someone says "Goodwin's Law!" then the argument is over and the person who introduced "Hitler" or "Nazi" lost.

AndyRand said...

Was Hitler mentioned in the Pioneer press article????

Cato said...

I just answered the question; I cannot account for anonymous' randomness.

Anonymous said...

So..... This implies that a comments made by, and a letter written to the editor (by some person or persons not ot be mentioned), were synonymous with "Goodwin's Law". That I can agree with. Any given group loses credibility when it's primary retort is name calling.

goodwin's schmoodwin's said...

This was a good letter in the Star Tribune:

Bring on the criticism

So Rumsfeld is comparing critics to those who appeased the Nazis. I'm not a history major, but consider:

The Nazis were elected without a popular majority, had a genius dispensing propaganda (Goebbels), deprived a minority group of their rights (Jews), implemented a domestic warrantless surveillance program to combat an external threat (Communists) and eventually wound up in a war that included the Middle East (Egypt).

The Bush administration was elected without a popular majority, has a genius dispensing propaganda (Rove), is attempting to deprive a minority group of their rights (gays), has implemented a domestic warrantless surveillance program to combat an external threat (terrorists) and is in a war that includes the Middle East (Iraq).

Based on the above similarities, I would argue that silent complicity with the administration is the equivalent of appeasing the Nazis.


Paper Boy said...

There were also some excellent latters in the Pioneer Press today on the same topic:

Fascism coming from within? I found a scary irony in Donald Rumsfeld...
Fascism coming from within?

I found a scary irony in Donald Rumsfeld's assertion that we as a nation are confronting "a new type of fascism." Consider the following: On Aug. 19, 1934, Hitler was elected to power in Germany. Out of concern for "radical" elements, he founded the Department of Homeland Security (which was later renamed the Gestapo). In "flag waving" speeches with swastikas visible everywhere, the dangers of societal radicals were extolled. In various "patriot act" measures, civil rights, including rights of privacy, freedoms of speech and the press, were gradually curtailed en route to Hitler declaring himself dictator.

Rumsfeld is right; America may be facing a new type of fascism. Unfortunately, it's coming from the administration for which he works.


West St. Paul

Rumsfeld distorts history

Donald Rumsfeld's comparison of his critics with Nazi appeasers distorts history ("Rumsfeld likens critics to Nazi appeasers," Aug. 30). It is Rumsfeld's policies that have made this war "unwinnable." When Iraqis began looting hospitals and a museum filled with antiquities, Rumsfeld refused to provide adequate forces to stop the lawlessness. Lawlessness now rules the day in Iraq. The U.S. used adequate numbers of forces to do the job in World War II against the Nazis. The unfolding disaster in Iraq is Rumsfeld's fault.


Pointing fingers

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, and other Republicans have recently begun ranting about fascism and fascists. Based upon the actions of the Bush administration, that is like an arsonist criticizing the fire department for extinguishing his flame.


Apple Valley