What's In A Word?

"Megalomania" is not too harsh a word for what the small group of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz has done in starting the war in Iraq. It is not humility that ignores global warming, and erodes our Constitution.

Read more: Ithaca Journal.


Cato said...

Well that was not a very good opinion article. In fact, I think "terrible" would be an excellent adjective to describe it.

Furthermore, people that criticize someone for "eroding the Constitution" without criticizing the WORST of the bunch need to read the document ONCE, just for me. It's not very long and it is a good read. It isn't hard to read at all. I would also perfer examples instead of just saying someone is doing something. I can name a plethora of examples of the past 100 years since we went from Republic to Democracy and showing the demise of our Constitution.

AndyRand said...


I agree, the article was not well written. Disregarding the point about Bush and his gang. I think this articles arguement against "Blue's clues: Take a walk on the red side" missed the point of that article and ignored some potentially valuable advise.
What ever color (Red or Blue ) we identify with, we convieniently ignore the biases presented in news and media from "our" side.
I think it it good to listen to the other opposite opinion with as open a mind as you can conjure. Then decide where you stand.
With that in mind, I find both Reds and Blues ignorant what drives the others opinions.
That said. I've also found that the supporters of Bush I've encountered have been vastly underinformed as to what he and his cronies have done to ruin this country.