Original Oggtoons By Fat Jon

Admin's note: We have a new addition to this blog. A multi-talented escapee from the Hudson public school system with a talent for cartooning, guitar playing, creativity extrodiare. I believe he also did a stint as cartoonist for the Minnesota Daily. He forwarded this original cartoon with a note and a link to the blog he started:

"I'll go ahead & use this e-mail address for ya, since
it's for hammering Jethros, which is what I like.
Anything I send ya (of mine,) go ahead & use on yer
blog if ya like it. If ya wanna use it fer anything
else, whatever that may be, just lemme know & you'll
get my OK pronto. Always cost-effective (free) for
buds & fam, of course. I might be doin' me own
cartoon-blog in near future, if I can keep it up. If I
do, link me & gimme free advice, 'cuz I'm still purty

Check out Fat Jon's blog@ oggtoons.bloggspot.com.

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AndyRand said...

Great Stuff Fat Jon!