Hudson Author Gets Good Reviews On New Book

Toxi Faith: Liberal Cure
A Reasoned and Judeo-Christian Response to the Alarming Assertions of the Religious Right
by Daniel C. Bruch and Thomas Strieter

“Compassionate, well-rounded and persuasive.” These are some of the choice words Buzzflash used in its review of Toxic Faith: Liberal Cure, written by Dr. Daniel C. Bruch and Dr. Thomas W. Strieter. One thing that impressed them is how stranded the book is in arguing against the Biblical squabbles of Fundamentalist Authoritarians making it practical and compelling in nature.Published July 2006, Toxic Faith: Liberal Cure takes a stand against the assertion that being liberal comes with immorality, using cautious and logical Judeo-Christian context response to controversial issues such as patriotism, war, abortion, homosexuality, poverty and the environment.

Read the BuzzFalsh.com review.

About the authors:

Daniel C. Bruch, residing in Hudson, Wisconsin, is a retired pastor, professor, and activist. He has earned six degrees and served as a college, university and seminary professor. He is an activist in civil and human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, just war and economic justice. He became a liberal by conviction, not by birth. Dr. Bruch is a founder and President of LiveLiberal (www.liveliberal.org).

Thomas W. Strieter is a retired Lutheran minister and with an STM and a PhD in Theology. His years in the ministry have been divided between the parish and academia. He has served as a professor of theology in both Protestant and Catholic colleges and universities. He is a certified counselor in mediation and conflict resolution and has served as an elected public official in a multi-racial Chicago suburb. He has twice served in Bali as a teacher and pastor.

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