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4/7/06 08:21, clean you own house first said...

"How "Above" is it (to) call anyone who supports public education a "Socialist" when
that would make 75% of Americans "Socialist" Even your Seperation of School and
State website admits that ,at the most, 25% support your privitazation of "Government"
schools. Reasonable people see them as our community schools not "Government Schools"like
you idiots.(That's pure propoganda and you know it)."

At 4/7/06 15:25, anonomous said...
"I think you are clearly above them (referring to OTBL) since you decided that since your facts are so correct, you need not cite your numbers."

A little fact checking appears to verify that "Clean you own house first" has the facts correct, even though he speaks broken English or has a missing letter on his keyboard . Marshall Fritz Article

So a whopping 25% of the U.S. Population are Non-Socialists ( in accordance with the International
OTBL standards of Socialism) and support the end of "Government Schools".
Looks like your side has some catching up to do. If you work hard you may someday reach President
Bush's approval rating of 32%.

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