The atbl BIG WORD

We've all heard the saying "Nobody likes a wise guy", but did you ever stop
to think if that's really true? Maybe the people who don't like wise guys are
just jeolous because they want to be wise guys but lack the word power for the job.
At least one anonymous commenter on this site really likes OTBL because
"Your arch-nemesis site uses words, which can be hard to understand...."
Well we have to admit that we here at ATBL tend to agree with Confucius who said, one picture is worth 1000 big words. But then again there are those who earnestly believe that he who useth the biggest word is the "most rightest". (Yeah I know it's poor English so don't bother commenting ).
But we will not shy away from a chanllege. We can use big words that can be hard
to understand just like OTBL and we'll even try really hard to understand them.
So we are introducing the First ATBL BIG WORD (that can be hard to understand) and
that word is "Ontology" (insert sound of game show bell here.)


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